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Behold Our One Constant Equalizing Mocking Certainty and Beleaguered Friend: Death

Updated on October 18, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis

End of Tale
End of Tale | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis: Doing what Matters All the time!

As Human beings, we are all fascinating enigmas; first to ourselves, then to others. We are inconsistent, paradoxical, hopelessly elusive, self-seeking, vain, proud, capriciously entertaining, dramatic, and inestimably complex. In relationships, we take it one step further.

Though we try to appear to be kind, caring, interested, considerate, empathetic and involved, IF we do not see a substantial (whether emotional, physical, or financial) return on the vested interest in the relationship, it will be short lived.

In other words, we gravitate towards people who either like us or are similar, support us in some way, make us feel good, or, last but not least, will benefit us by the association. Cold, hard, self-gratifyingly resiliently true though we will deny vehemently; in fact, we will go to great lengths to prove otherwise.

In the midst of displaying our glorified overstated efforts to establish what a decent loving, charitable and dutiful person we are, ( in addition to being a devoted helpful friend), we relish in reliving the many acts of loving-kindness by repeating (re-enforcing) all the things we did/do for others. These contrived words are usually masked behind ‘the how’ the other did not/does not appreciate our efforts, time, money or participation.

Our vacillating statements condemn us as soon as we reiterate to another ANY act of heroism [how we stepped in and saved the day or how the other simply could not have made it had it not been for us] we’ve undertaken.

These self-superior acts of heroism include how we ‘paid the others way’ and/or “if it was for all the things I do” and “I’m simply not going to continue to put up with this any longer.” Never is there a justifiable need or occasion to restate something we’ve done or said. It was finished the moment it transpired.

The instant we refer to ourselves in a verifiable loftier (sometimes referred to as holier than thou) position, as in deserving more from another , or when we indicate that we’ve been ‘put out’, put upon, or taken advantage of, we have shown our true colors. We never do anything we do not want to do! No matter how our mealy mouthed contradictory words would declare otherwise.

When we begin to gossip, complain, backbite, whine, criticize or disapprove the actions of someone else, we are simply using the opportunity to enshroud our disdain in emotional self-sustaining glory. We take the favorable glee in the belittling another, as if it is our self-appointed right to do so. In these moments of self-intoxicated aggrandizement, we are ‘news toting tail bearers’ of the worst kind.

A prime example would be in how often are the times we use the words, ”Don’t”, “I’m sorry”, “I didn’t mean to say that” “please” or “Thank You.” Yes, “Thank you.” These are words too often used, robotically as clear indications of abject superficiality. We, as children, were taught very early to be sure to use these words as a means of being polite and mannerly. For who, to whom, for whose benefit were these less than forced unnatural responses ingrained? Was it not merely a reflection of supposedly ‘good’ parenting skills?

And, did we not conduct ourselves in a favorable manner for our parents merely as a ‘lust for some result we wanted or to eliminate an unwelcomed outcome by not complying?

Human beings are capable of far better ‘natural and convenient’ responses than those required of them by others who have ulterior motives, whether they were ‘good intentioned’ parents, or not. We are inherently positively responsive but have been so forebodingly shadowed intrinsically that our ‘natural and convenient’ reactions are thwarted and misguided.

We learn early on what it takes to survive, thrive, and contrive. And, dependent upon how divergent our ‘mule teams’ of conditioned support were in our early years, are the partial results in our character make-up established.

Many unlikely elements go into the forming our outward character; sort of like baking a cake. {Just a pinch of salt, too much and the thing is ruined!} We need what we are offered while journeying through this old world. However, what we are offered is not necessarily conducive to what we need to incorporate but may be the very characteristics we need to eliminate.

Authenticity is a ‘natural and convenient’ part of the human being but not without a lot of ‘de-assing’ in the process.

When we understand that what we do is always motivated by placing us in the best light, most favorable position, least troublesome, saturated by comfort, pleasure, security, appreciation and value, then and only then can we take the liberty to be genuinely real without all the hoopla attached.

But, then there’s the catch; there’s always a catch! We are all born with the indelibly imprinted idea that we are superlatively special/different and because of our undeniable uniqueness that we are to be acknowledged and treated with a certain respect, admiration and dignity.

These deep-seated feelings are not without warrant!

We are, without a doubt, Masters of Divine Essence who have simply forgotten our heritage. But along with the celestial birthright, we are given the undisclosed ‘rite of passage’ of taking on the proposed lowly state of an ordinary human being on earth. In other words, because we are born gods in the making, we possess unlimited powers and benefits.

The parody attached, however, to be really authentic and effective; we must never assert our innate power unnaturally or forcibly. We have no need to!

We are simply to do what we do because we want to do it, with all of our might and passion, for no other reason but to be thoroughly immersed in it! Most of all because our precious ruthless soul desires the earth experience; we will be presented with all sorts of indefinable obscured and inexplicable episodes.

Remember: she is an impervious divine trickster, so no matter what the experience entails, grab it by the horns and go! The deal is not to take it personally.

The releasing generating liberating uplifting and sacredly sensually sexually artistic genuine motivation behind our every action is that we are ‘ordinary human beings encased in extraordinary’ influence! Nothing is denied us.

No one is capable of destroying us! We call the shots without needing to. We are continually celebrated in our steps by our refusal to demonstrate our ability for hire and supremacy in character. In other words, “IF it matters to us; it matters.”

Here’s the tricky esoteric part: to be fully convinced of our humanity, we must live uproariously, passionately, meaningfully, sensually, emotionally vested, with valor, integrity and authenticity, convinced that what we do matters, contributes something of value, makes the world a better place while determinedly siding with our one constant equalizing mocking certainty and beleaguered friend: death.


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    • fred allen profile image

      fred allen 

      8 years ago from Myrtle Beach SC

      Wow! You said a mouthful! The biblical principals laid out in scripture have been captured brilliantly in this hub. If we adhere to them, we would not seek our own glory, but the good of others. We would be humble enough to know that God's favor is the only thing that matters.


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