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Being Knowledgable and not Stubborn

Updated on October 4, 2015


Since I am a Arkansas Tech Alumni, I have always come to a situation or problem when I didn't know the answer to something. This is something that has caused my interviewer skills to reach a new level; I want to find out a solution or a shortcut to how to fix what ever the problem is.

Not only as a student but worker, I have experienced it. It seems as though we are programmed to always find a faster, cheaper, more efficient way to resolve our problems One of the best way to realize and know how to fix it the quickest is to seek help from someone or an organization that knows what they are doing or are professionals.

I remember the times when I would interview people on a daily basis; just ask question after question, and sometimes people would pause and really thing about what they were about to say. Other times it was just whatever blurted out of they mind and heart.

This was something as a journalist quickly found out. Usually people mean what they say and feel like they are entitled to voice their own opinion, on matters that may or may not pertain to a subject that is in their field. Here in the United States we are very opinionated people, yet fail to make decision quickly. I have come to the realization that a choice and opinion are two entirely different verbs. I can choose to live a life of peace, joy, happiness but can "think" otherwise.

Reading up on or studying a subject is a way to clearly make a decision. In the last month, I have made many impactful decisions in my life. Not every single one was wise, but I honestly stop and think before making huge decisions.



How long does it take you to make a life decision?

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How does physical discipline affect children?

Children in the 1997 study whose parents used corporal punishment to reduce anti-social behavior actually experienced the opposite from their children in the long run an increased probability of aggression and other antisocial behavior.

Disciplining children by spanking does not facilitate learning. Instead, it may halt the unwanted behavior only while the child is in the adult’s presence, or it may scare a child into submission. While it may teach a child what not to do, it fails to teach a child what is expected of him or her and what is an alternate behavior. Additionally, physical discipline is most often used when the parent is frustrated or without other resource. Spanking in these circumstances may lead to an unintentional injury or more serious abuse. The following illustrate more of what physical discipline does:

  • Increases anxiety and fear
  • Hinders the development of empathy and compassion for others
  • Makes children angry in response
  • Heightens aggression toward others
  • Decreases compliance and increases resistance
  • Harms relationship with parent or caregiver
  • Potentially causes unintended and severe physical injury
  • Decreases self-esteem
  • Increases the probability for an array of undesirable social and psychological behaviors
  • Teaches that violence is an acceptable way to handle conflict

To read more go to:

Coping with dissapointments

There are many times in my short-lived mom life that I have seen my son disappointed. As he gets older I see it more often and think, is his brain becoming an adult? Is he learning to deal with stressful situations, when he doesn't get that new car, truck, or train?

So many times I look at him and just think, "Wow, kids are so intuitive!" How can they know what they want so quickly. It reminded me of when I was choosing a major in college. I didn't struggle as much as most kids, since I was in Journalism in Russellville High School, but now that I am a mother it truly amazes me to see my son and him be so stubborn about his wants.

In reality we are all like this. As kids, adults, and seniors we are created to want and need food, shelter, and sometimes when we are ambitious property. Much like a dog or gorilla, claiming property is something that we just naturally want and do. Whether it be by hurting the people who try to come in our circle or shooing them away, we do this almost every single day.

Learning to know what to do when you don't get your way is something as kids we learn to do. I have noticed that when Kevin, my son, doesn't get what he wants he tends to throw a fit or tantrum. I hate when I see this because it is something I have little control over when it comes to him deciding to do this. Spanking or disciplining him after is what either makes him learn or keep doing it.

As a kid, I remember getting spanked and see my parents spank my siblings. My husband on the other hand did not see this kind of discipline growing up. We still struggle with learning to discipline him the right way for him to grow and be a responsible individual.




When it comes to children, exploring is never done. They are so new to the world around them that any kind of exposure to the world is just a wonderful thing that they enjoy. I recently when to the Dallas zoo with my son. It was an walk that I highly enjoyed. I got to share such a learning experience that he will remember as he grows up.

He got to see how animals react and how many different kinds of animals there are. It was such and enriching thing to do with my son, as I held his hand. I had never been and recommend anyone to go.

Any kid, teen, and even adults love learning and exploring different options, places, and events that cause some kind of change in their life. I hope and pray that the day I'm not there to hold his hand he will be guided and will know which way to go.


I don't think it matters what your situation it may be but if you stop and ask God for help, he always responds. This is something I have learned so many times in my life. When I stopped and really heard what he has to say, I realize that I can never be wrong. He is all-knowing and I know who I trust in.

Below is a video of Kevin and some friends and family at the fair. Hope you have a blessed day and thank you for reading.

County Fair


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    • Aysleth Zeledon profile image

      Aysleth Zeledon 2 years ago from Russellville, Arkansas

      That is a very true statement and thank you for reading Gordon!

    • Gordon Wright profile image

      Gordon Wright 2 years ago

      As soon as you look for a one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with kids, you're on the wrong track.