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Being Successful in College

Updated on May 12, 2017

3 Tips to Being Successful in College

Being a freshman in college is a very difficult and trying time. Most students make it more difficult then it really has to be. In fact so many students have trouble juggling their course work with their personal lives that one in four freshman students dropout in the first term. I want to assure you I am not a professional by any means, but I have been able to attend 16 credits a quarter, while watching my daughter during the day and maintaining a 3.88 GPA. I have three tips for new students, that could assure success through their college experience. The first is you have to be organized, you can leave your room, your car, even your bag a mess, but you should have one notebook or computer program that you write all your assignments in. Next, you should attend every lecture and lab that is provided, do not miss class because you are missing out on important information that is given during the lecture. Finally, you should always read the syllabus for the class on a weekly basis, their is information and things to cover in the syllabus that can be vital for test.


Being Organized

Being organized is an essential part of life, not only does it allow for you to be successful in a career, but it can allow for you to be successful in college as well. I mentioned having one notebook or computer program just meant for writing down homework. It is important to keep track of what is due week to week. Many students struggle due to the fact that they forget about an assignment and feel that they can't catch up, this becomes a snow ball effect and eventually they drop out. It is critical that you keep things organized, I recommend having a folder for each class or a large binder with a section for each class. This allows you to adequately keep notes and know what class those notes are for. If your organized, it will also allow for a good impression on instructors, my instructors informed me that they hate it when someone comes to class and is fumbling around with all their notes and books looking for the right utensils to start class. I know instructors say their not bias, but lets be honest, they are people too, and when you get a bad impression of someone it is hard to get rid of it. So I highly encourage you to be organized.


Showing up to Class

If you are paying for the education, or someone else is paying you to get an education, or more importantly that sheet saying your educated, then go to class. The bottom line is, you have a professional that is their to answer questions, and tell you things you need to know, use them. By going to class it shows the instructor that you are motivated, and actually care for the class, it sets a good impression. Bring a tape recorder with you, so that if you miss typing notes you can re-listen to the lecture on your recorder. Every electronic device you own has some kind of recorder on it, keep that in mind. There is also the chance that the instructor might mention something useful for mid terms or finals in the class that you could miss out on. When you attend class you ensure success by 50 percent, the other 50 percent is putting in the effort.

Reading Your Syllabus

I have a friend that attends WOU, that is consistently doing better then the rest of his class, simply because he reads the syllabus. In the syllabus for the class it provides specific chapters and pages to read and take notes. Normally the instructor won't remind you of this information while in class, they expect you to read the information if they are providing it for you. It's not their job to hand feed it to you, this isn't high school. I promise you if you do what the syllabus says to do then you will be doing more than 70 percent of the class does. This will put you ahead of the rest of the class.


Ensuring Success

I highly encourage you to not struggle with the changes of entering college, step back and take a deep breath. Follow my easy three tips and you will become more successful then you thought you could. If someone else can do it then you can as well. I know that it is not easy, but stay motivated, be positive, and you will accomplish your goals.


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