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Benefits of Going to a Christian University

Updated on June 18, 2012
Andrews University - a Christian campus in Southwest Michigan
Andrews University - a Christian campus in Southwest Michigan | Source

Determining where to go for college is a difficult task that many high school seniors, and some older, struggle with. Life is often the most challenging, not when we only have one or two options, but when there are literally thousands of possibilities. While a college experience is mostly what you make it, the school you decide to attend can have a big influence on your future relationships, job opportunities, and the part of the world you end up living in.

For Christians there is an extra determining factor: should I attend a Christian university or go to a public college? This is a challenging question that takes a bit of thought. Here are some concepts to ponder when making up your mind.

Advantages of Attending a Christian College

Here are some valuable reasons to consider attending a university that focuses on building a relationship with God.


One of the greatest aspects of a Christian university is the opportunity to worship and interact with other people who are passionate about God. Knowing that you have people whom you can talk with, pray with, and come to when you are having a challenging day is a true blessing.

Personal Relationship with God

College is an incredibly difficult time to remain strong in one's Christian faith. Pulling all-nighters to study, having the excitement of being in a dorm, the challenges with dating relationships, and the constant overload of knowledge, entertainment, and activity can eat away at ones personal devotion times quickly.

Although Christian colleges are not easier, they often provide opportunities for one to refresh their walk with God - through worships, church services, and other devotional programs. Sometimes a week may get so busy that you completely forget about God until someone asks you if you are going to chapel today. This reminder can help get you back on track.


There are many awesome people to meet at college. Countless people to date, have fun with, and get to know better. Sadly, there are a lot of people who are less interested in getting to truly know someone and more interested in what will happen tonight. A Christian university will not eliminate this, but the odds are higher that there will be more people interested in developing respectful relationships.

More Student/Professor Interaction

Often times Christian campuses are much smaller. This provides students with the ability to talk and discuss issues with teachers outside of class. In fact, sometimes professors will even have students over to their houses for worship services or meals. This is a great blessing that arises from attending a Christian campus.

Opportunities to Travel

Because Christianity is all about sharing the love of Jesus with the world, Christian campuses often attempt to give students an opportunity to taste mission work in other parts of the globe. Many campuses have short-term (1-3 week) and long-term (up to a year) trips that students can go on - doing everything from building and vacation Bible schools, to teaching and medical work.

An Awesome Network

A persons network has a huge impact on who they become and what kind of success they have in their lives. Anyone interested in having an amazing network of good Christian leaders, professionals, and servants, will find a Christian campus a great place to attend.

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Reasons to Not Attend a Christian College

A Christian campus has some draw backs and may not be for everyone. Although the experience can be amazing, it can also be miserable for the wrong person. Consider these ideas before attending a college.

Price of Tuition

Often times, because they are not supported by the government, Christian campuses must charge a higher price for tuition. This is unfortunate and can lead to large student loans.

Required Worship

Many colleges will expect students to attend a certain number of worship services every week or semester. While this is not a problem if you want to be growing in your relationship with God, some people find it frustrating to be required to worship and wish that they could make their own schedule (especially those forced to go to a Christian college by their parents).


While a Christian college will help you make some great, high quality friends, sometimes the network is not beneficial for certain career types. If you want to start your own business it will be fine, but if you want to work for Boeing or Microsoft, it may be better to attend a college where they frequently hire from.

A Valuable Educational Experience

I have attended multiple colleges and ended up graduating from a Christian campus. Currently I am getting my MBA from a Christian university as well. It has been a blessing for me because of the many great relationships I have built up, the opportunities that I have had to use my business skills to serve the communities I am a part of, and the amazing travel experiences I have been provided.

While each person must make their own decisions, I would certainly recommend a Christian education to those who believe God should be an intricate part of ones life.


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    • renee21 profile image

      renee21 2 years ago

      I currently attend a Christian college, Bob Jones University, in South Carolina. I love it! Especially the daily chapel services. It's so refreshing to hear God's Word preached every day! Great hub!

    • Robert Erich profile image

      Robert Erich 5 years ago from California

      It's great to meet someone who has had similar experiences in college as I did! And it is true, there is a struggle with forced worship services during the week discouraging people from actually wanting to worship. The trick is deciding how much commitment you want to give to 18 year old's. Most kids start college and it's their first time away from home. Are they fully capable of making the best decisions without their parents around? I suppose that is the question to ponder.

    • profile image

      ElleBee 5 years ago

      These are great points! I went to a Catholic college, and I experienced many of these benefits (and the major tuition price drawback) myself! My college did not have a worship attendance requirement (I think it's pretty rare amongst Catholic colleges), but I agree with you that it can be a drawback for some people. I think it could be a drawback even for people who ARE interested in forming a closer relationship with God. Somehow forced prayer, doesn't seem as genuine as prayer we undertake on our own, and I've always wondered if being forced to attend on-campus worship services would eliminate people's ability to attend worship within a particular denomination they were already attached too. You would probably know more about this than me, but it was just a point of curiosity?

    • Sethughes profile image

      Sethughes 5 years ago

      Awesome Hub. Love it. Kind of makes me wish I went to a Christian university

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 5 years ago from San Francisco

      How very interesting! I had never considered how Christian universities were particularly different from mainstream ones. Thanks for the helpful explanation!

    • Robert Erich profile image

      Robert Erich 5 years ago from California

      Yes, it is different, I've taken classes at a community college, Chico State, and Andrews University (Christian), the size of the classes is significantly different. It's great to know that you've been educated in the legendary state of California! ;)

    • leahlefler profile image

      Leah Lefler 5 years ago from Western New York

      You have a lot of great advice, Robert. I have a friend who went to CLU (California Lutheran University) and the professors really cared about the students there. The small class sizes and caring atmosphere were really wonderful. I went to UC Irvine and was one of 500 students in a lecture hall - a very different experience.