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Best Ant Killer - Terro Ant Killer

Updated on August 18, 2010

Get Rid of Ants

Terro Ant killer is a wonderful product for getting rid of Ants.

My home was recently invaded my those very small, sugar ants. You know the ones that just seem to be running everywhere. It was driving me nuts.

They showed up in my kitchen a couple of weeks ago, and seemed to be everywhere.  I keep my kitchen clean, no food sitting out, dishes kept washed and put away, and everything wiped down with a bleach clean up product, often. But nonetheless, there they were, those little disgusting little creatures, reeking havoc on my sanity.

I tried plain old bug sprays, but that only killed the ants that I could see and did nothing to the rest of them. Even the sprays that claimed to kill and keep out the ones you can't see did not work. I sprayed all around the kitchen and anywhere else I could think of. Around the perimeter of the house inside and out but they still found a way in.

Fortunately I found a great product. Terro Ant killer, This stuff worked amazingly well. So to find out why I did some research.

Terro Ant Killer, contains Borax an ingredient that is a deadly poison to ants. The mixture looks allot like sugar water. But the dilution of Borax with other ingredients, is small enough that it allows the ants to feast on the product then take it back to the colony, to share there find with the rest of the family.

The product recommends that you place it on a piece of cardboard, but when I did the ants just passed it by. So I placed the product in small dime sized drops all along my sink in the kitchen and checked on it every hour or so to see how it was doing.

It did say to provide plenty of it for the ants so that it ensures that all of them gets a little to take back to the colony. So I did. Small dime sized drops all around the sink in the path of where I could see ants coming in. Then every time I checked on them I would see that one or two of the drops were gone so I added more.

Let me tell you, I guess the ant thought it was a party, because I saw so many ants come out, hundreds of them, maybe more. Now the hard part was not killing them on the spot. (oh I wanted to.) But the instructions said to avoid killing them because leaving them alone allows them to get back to the hive to share their wealth.

After just one about eight hours of this keeping them fed.

They Vanished.

At first they started to tapper off, till it got down to just a few then, my morning they were completely gone. And in the two weeks since, they have not returned.

Thank you Terro, you have saved my SANITY!

Terro Ant Killer Demonstration.

Terro Ant Killer Really Works!

As I said Terro Ant Killer really works. The key to eliminating the colony is to place the bait down and wait. You will see many more ants than you could even imagine. You will feel like it is attracting the ants and making your ant problem worse.

But it is not it is only drawing more of the worker ants out of the colony because they got the signal that there is an abundance of food for them to bring back to the colony.


Let it take its' course. Then over time most likely just a few hours you will notice a considerable amount less of ants.

This next video explains the waiting and also shows other Terro Products. Happy Ant Killing!

Other Terro Ant Killer Products


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    • JasonPLittleton profile image

      JasonPLittleton 6 years ago

      Great advise to exterminate ants.Good hub and useful.

    • Diane Inside profile image

      Diane Inside 7 years ago

      Yes the damage severe, thanks for the comment. Glad you came by.

    • profile image

      Pest Inspection Gold Coast 7 years ago

      This works superb. Ants are too tiny and can hide in the most unreachable parts of the home. The damage caused by them can be quite severe especially fire ants.

    • Diane Inside profile image

      Diane Inside 7 years ago

      Thanks stewart, I definatly will check out your blog. I'm happy you approve, of this hub. Terro is a great product which is why I chose to endorse them. I don't think I will ever use anything else. Thanks a bunch. Diane

    • profile image

      stewart clark 7 years ago

      Thanks for the endorsement...It is always great when a product and a real need come together. Check out my Blog to see where I work...

    • Diane Inside profile image

      Diane Inside 7 years ago

      Thanks I have no problem promoting what works for me. This ant bait worked even better than I thought it would. It's nice that Terro has this drawing for facebook members. So happy you approve of my hubpage.

    • profile image

      cschinsky 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this great info (and videos!) about Terro Ant Bait products. Terro can be followed on Facebook - they're running a contest right now - when 500 fans LIKE them on facebook they're doing a random drawing of their fans. One lucky winner will receive a $500 Walmart Gift Card - more than enough to stock up on Terro products, ha!

    • Diane Inside profile image

      Diane Inside 7 years ago

      Hi daisyjae you'll be glad you got some, it works great, glad you found this useful, thanks for stopping by.

    • daisyjae profile image

      daisyjae 7 years ago from Canada

      And it is cheap too! I will have to get some, I am having a bit of an ant problem.