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Cincinnati Area Aerospace Programs for Mars

Updated on July 27, 2017
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In many ways, music saved my life, and I have the most famous director of the USMC bands to thank for it!

Space Shuttle Columbia.
Space Shuttle Columbia.

Biomed and Aerospace Technologies to 2035

West Chester Township rates among the Top 50 of CNNMoney's 100 Best Cities for many years because of several reasons, some of the most important being its quick expansion in recent years and the number of large employers located in town.

It is also a historical city with links to WWII, the Cold War, and America's 21st century space exploration possibilities; but offers a growing arts and culture center as well. More importantly, it is located in the center of the Ohio Space Corridor, home to many of the 1,200 or more aerospace companies active in the state.

The official state corridor is a development region that receives heavy grant funding for the future. From August 2010 to August 2017, advertised jobs increased from 24,000 to over 42,000 openings.

The community is only two miles east of Hamilton, Ohio and 15 miles northwest of Downtown Cincinnati, near the Sharonville suburb.

Lower Arm of the Ohio Space Corridor

West Chester Township:
West Chester, OH, USA

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Cincinnati OH:
Cincinnati, OH, USA

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What Is the Ohio Space Corridor?

Ohio's Space Corridor develops medical, biomedical, and aerospace technologies, including privatized space flight. As a suburb of Cincinnati, West Chester is in a strategic position that draws new related businesses and additional residents to work in these industries.

Many live between Cincinnati and Dayton or the inner suburbs between the two cities and commute to either metro area. At the same time, the suburbs in between the two, as well as to the east of Dayton are expanding to fill the corridor for densely. It is expected that the larger part of the southwest quadrant of Ohio will become a single huge metropolitan area, a metroplex or larger distinction.

Speculation about privatized-government space flight projects to Mars by 2035, supported by veterans like space pioneer Buzz Aldrin, give the potential of exponential growth around West Chester through the middle of the century. Updated news of Mars exploration will appear as it happens in the links below.

Ohio's Space Corridor

Cincinnati OH:
Cincinnati, OH, USA

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West Chester OH:
West Chester Township, OH 45011, USA

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Hamilton OH:
Hamilton, OH, USA

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Dayton OH:
Dayton, OH, USA

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Fairborn Oh:
Fairborn, OH, USA

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West Jefferson OH:
West Jefferson, OH, USA

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Military and private research is performed here by Battelle Memorial Institute.

Columbus OH:
Columbus, OH, USA

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Aerospace businesses have also opened east of Columbus in Heath and Newark in Licking County.

Ohio Aerospace Hub of Innovation and Opportunity

The Ohio Space Corridor received a grant of $250,000 in January 2010, to be administered by the University of Dayton in partnership with City of Dayton, Montgomery County, Dayton Development Coalition, and CityWide Development Corp.

These companies also contributed $350,000 matting funds to total $600.000. In June 2010, a search went out for a Hub Director.

Ohio's Governor Ted Strickland chose the Dayton Metro Area for the state's first official Hub of Innovation, because of its long history of flight and the demonstrated excellence in aerospace and aviation. This includes massive ongoing projects in aviation, aerospace, defense, and inventions at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

University of Dayton Research Institute has accomplished innovations previously in aerospace research and technologies that have created new jobs within the larger Corridor.

Human Performance and Biological and Neurological Imaging

WSU Boonshoft School Of Medicine 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435:
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Fairborn, OH 45324, USA

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Neuromedical imaging at Wright State in the Ohio Space Corridor has potential to elevate the training and support functions of the US military. Many current studies focus on healing for stroke patients.

Aerial view of central West Chester Township.
Aerial view of central West Chester Township.

Voice of America Park and Mall

The former West Chester site of Voice of America broadcasting from WWII though the Desert Storm currently incudes a shopping center as well as a university learning center, a museum, and a park.

The VOA Centre shopping place is a strip mall built a major intersection in West Chester, Tylersville Rd and Cox Ln. The Voice of America Centre now features dozens of dining options, from quick food choices and coffee shops to full menu dining. Nearby is the Miami University VOA Learning Center with special programs, and the Ronald Reagan Freedom Park.

Miami University Voice of America Learning Center

Opening in 2009 after acquiring the land and facilities of the VOA site, this institution offers undergraduate degrees, graduate programs in education and business, and customized training for business and government. The Bachelors of Integrative Studies in a new bridge between AA and BA/BS degrees.

Teachers can earn graduate degrees here via Miami University's School of Education, Health and Society. The related TEAM Scholarship reduces tuition and fees by 50% for those eligible. Miami University's Farmer School of Business offers the Professional MBA, offered only at this VOA Learning Center and none of the other main or branch campuses.

Miami University:
Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056, USA

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VOA Learning Center; 7847 VOA Park Dr, West Chester, OH 45069:
7847 VOA Park Dr, West Chester, OH 45069, USA

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The National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting at Bethany Relay Station. Also includes a history of tireless communications and media.Voice of America's Bethany Relay Station sits at 8070 Tylersville Road, West Chester Township. Built in 1944, it appears on the National Register of Historic Places.
The National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting at Bethany Relay Station. Also includes a history of tireless communications and media.
The National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting at Bethany Relay Station. Also includes a history of tireless communications and media. | Source
Voice of America's Bethany Relay Station sits at 8070 Tylersville Road, West Chester Township. Built in 1944, it appears on the National Register of Historic Places.
Voice of America's Bethany Relay Station sits at 8070 Tylersville Road, West Chester Township. Built in 1944, it appears on the National Register of Historic Places.
The Square at Union Centre:
9285 Centre Pointe Dr, West Chester, OH 45069, USA

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The Arts and Culture

STEM courses nationwide have been joined be the Arts and promoted by veteran Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin to become STEAM courses.

Hamilton, about five minutes west of West Chester is an industrial city that has moved toward arts with its Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and learning center that is an installation unique to the area.

The complex is an outdoor museum of sculpture set in meadows, forests, and gardens, with indoor displays of in the Ancient Sculpture Museum of preserved Roman, Egyptian, Greek and Etruscan classics. The facility is also home to the world's only complete history of human sculpture.

Pyramid Hill also offers instruction in fine arts, horticulture, geology, and the environment. Each winter, special ice sculpture demonstrations and exhibitions are a highlight and Hamilton has become Sculpture City by gubernatorial decree in 2000.

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park:
Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum, 1763 Hamilton Cleves Rd, Hamilton, OH 45013, USA

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Major Local Companies

  • In August 2010, Accutek Testing Laboratory announced a $1.5 million expansion project of which part will be a new 50,000 sq.ft. building in Fairfield Township near West Chester and Cincinnati before the end of October 2010. The new facility is three times larger than the current plant. Accutek is an important company for mechanical and metallurgical testing. Accutek tests products made for aerospace, medical, and manufacturing applications.
  • BAE Systems - Technologies.
  • GE Aviation - Opened a large new office building in 2009 and resulted in West Chester, Fairfield and Springdale establishing a Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) on 43 acres GE Aviation occupies at Union Centre Boulevard town square mall and business district.
  • Ft. Hamilton Hospital
  • Mercy Regional Hospital
  • Medco Health Solutions
  • West Chester Medical Center

Major local employers In West Chester are active in advancing technologies for a variety of industries - Heathcare, Medical/Biomedical, Aerospace - and Manufacturing in order to produce them all.

GE Aviation Sites North of the Cincinnati Outerbelt

West Chester Township OH 45011:
West Chester, OH 45011, USA

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Fairfield OH:
Fairfield, OH, USA

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Springdale OH:
Springdale, OH, USA

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Hot Jobs at GE Aviation, West Chester

  1. Engineers and Lead Engineers
  2. Engineering Technologists
  3. Composite Manufacturing Process Engineers
  4. Sub-Section Managers in Engine Aeromechanics
  5. Senior Marketing Manager for Aviation Systems, Military
  6. IT Applications Architects - Simulation Data Management
  7. IM Program Managers for Business Solutions
  8. Enabling Tools Project Managers
  9. Smart Grid Account Director
  10. Data Management Architects for Data Integration
  11. IM Project Managers
  12. Acoustic Engineers and Technologists
  13. Executive for Marketing
  14. IM Program Manager for Business

GE Aviation is a a division of GE Technology Infrastructure, a leader in commercial jet engines and components, integrated digital/electric/mechanical aircraft systems. See GE Aviation.

High Demand Engineering Jobs are Available at:

  1. Belcan
  2. General Electric
  3. L-3 Communications
  4. MacAulay-Brown, Inc. (MacB)
  5. Ball Aerospace Company
  6. Northrop Grumman
  7. Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
  8. Intelligrated, Inc.
  9. University of Cincinnati
  10. Encore Technologies

Many of these top companies are on or associated with the NASA Commercial Crew of private aerospace partners.

Higher Education for Well Paying Jobs

  • Hondros College School of Nursing at
  • Indiana Wesleyan University at
  • University of Cincinnati at
  • University of Dayton at
  • Wright State University at This school is near Wright Patterson AFB, the National Museum of the Air Force and the Aviation Heritage Trail of Ohio. It is known for healthcare and aerospace technology, including advances in the repair of severed spinal cords.
  • Xavier University at

Wright State University and Medical School

Wright State University:
Wright State University, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435

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National Museum of the Air Force:
National Museum of the US Air Force, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, 1100 Spaatz Street, Dayton, OH

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  • Growth and Projects in West Chester. Retrieved July 26, 2017.
  • yearly data checks by author, August 2010 through 2017.
  • West Chester - Liberty Chamber Alliance of Butler Ohio. Retrieved July 27, 2017.

© 2010 Patty Inglish MS


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