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Best Online Translating Services

Updated on May 27, 2013

Foreign Languages

There are around 6500-7000 spoken languages in the world. Some may be very rare and dying out. From English to Japanese or German to Hebrew, these translators will help you translate what you need to say or what you read somewhere. These translators of course won't have all 7000 languages, but at least one of them will have what you're looking for. I guarantee it.


Google Translate

Despite what people may say Google Translate if a pretty good translating tool. It may not be great for verbal translations, but it will work for translating web pages and other texts. It doesn't have a wide range of languages, but it has a lot of popular ones that are often used. There are definitely some flaws in the accuracy of Google translate, but it's easy to use and will get the job done.



This is a Google powered translator. BabelXL is similar to Google Translate, but has some perks. This translator supports 52 different languages. BabelXL has a virtual keyboard tool you can use to type in different languages or you can copy and paste a phrase and the tool will give you a pretty accurate translation that you can send straight to twitter. It's still powered by Google so it may have similar flaws that Google Translate has, but overall is a step up from it.


SDL Free Translator

This tool is actually used by many professional translators. This tool does all the jobs of any other translator and more. What makes this translator so special is when you want something translated you have the option of getting a machine translation or have an actual human being do the translation. This helps if you want to verbalize more of what you're translating. Sometime direct translations can't be done, so you have to find similar phrases, and this can only be done my human beings who know the language. SDL provides this to you.


IM Translator - Translate and Speak

This is a great translating tool. It has a wide range of languages to select from. When translating a word or phrase not only does it give you a text translation, it will give you a verbal translation. The last two translators did this as well, but what makes this tool different is the voice will have more of an inflection, so when you verbalize the phrase it'll sound more natural. This site also has dictionaries available that may come in handy when translating.

No Translator Is Perfect

No translator can be 100% accurate, especially those found online. However these tools will get what you need done. A fluent speaker of a language will 99% of the time understand what you're saying, so no need to worry about being 100% accurate. These translators get the job done, and the best part is there free!

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