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Best Preschool Counting Videos Free Online

Updated on February 15, 2010

Learn to Count Videos for Preschoolers

Counting videos are a great way to teach children to count.  (Photo by Ernst Vikne, courtesy of
Counting videos are a great way to teach children to count. (Photo by Ernst Vikne, courtesy of

The Best 'Learn to Count' Videos for Kids Online

This list presents the best online learning videos for kids who are ready to learn counting.  All these videos are free to view.  Most are provided by YouTube.

These videos provide an entertaining introduction to numbers.  They keep children interested while sneaking in the basics of counting.  With cheerful music, bright colors, and cute images, you and your child will enjoy bonding while you provide them with a distinct academic advantage over their peers.

The videos that made this list all have some very important commonalities:

  1. They are free to view.
  2. They present the information correctly.
  3. They disguise education as entertainment.
  4. They require no previous knowledge of numbers or counting.
  5. They require no interaction between the child and the computer.
I hope you will enjoy these videos as much as I have enjoyed them with my child.  I hope you find them effective.
Remember, not every video will appeal to every child!Remember, repetition is the key to learning!Remember, recognizing numbers and counting are essential life skills!Remember, children learn better in low-pressure environments!  It's okay if it takes a while!

Honorable Mention

Why Sesame Street Pinball 12 Missed the List

Awesome animation.  Kicking music.  Nostalgic.  So why didn't The Pointer Sister's totally fantastic video make the list of Best Preschool Counting Videos?  Simply put-- not a great education tool.  

It's been included on the page simply because the page would be incomplete without it.  Enjoy watching it by yourself, but consider the following before showing it to your preschooler.


1.  The numbers are not always shown in order, which can lead to confusion for someone learning to count.

2.  It's too busy.  There is so much wonderful animation, the numbers tend to take a back seat to witches, cannons, and dragons.

3.  Some preschoolers might find the imagery scary.  Learning to count--- good.  Nightmares---bad!

Learn Numbers with Sesame Street

When it comes to preschool learning, no one can beat Sesame Street.  For this reason, their educational videos dominate the Best Preschool Counting Videos list.  In fact, if nothing else made the list, your preschooler would learn numbers 1 - 20 easily.

Enjoy these classic learning tools.  Many thanks to Sesame Street, YouTube, and YouTube members for providing these videos.  My son's early learning is literally owed to these videos.

My Martian Cutie - Sesame Street

About My Martian Cutie

Numbers 1-9.

Adorable!  Basic counting 1 to 9.  A clever song you will find yourselves singing over and over.  

Ladybug Picnic - Sesame Street

Ladybug Picnic - Sesame Street

1 - 12.

This is my personal favorite.  Again, the song is cute and lends itself to repetition (the key to learning).  It teaches numbers 1 to 12, but also includes a little lesson about adapting to adverse situations.  

Role Call for 20 - Sesame Street

Role Call for 20 - Sesame Street

1 - 20

A very cute demonstration of numbers 1 through 20.  Note, there is no song in this video, though there is background music.  It's very charming and provides a little drama to keep things interesting.

One thing that makes this video so great is its simplicity.  The colors are very basic, black and white.  The background is bare, further emphasizing the numbers in the foreground. 

One drawback of this video is the presence of "0" without any reference or labeling.  

Factory 10 to 0 - Sesame Street

Factory 10 to 0 - Sesame Street

10 - 0

This video is an excellent demonstration of counting backwards, but may not be appropriate for children still working to master counting forward.  Also, there is no labeling of the numbers, so children should already know the names of numbers.  Yes, this goes against the 'no prior knowledge required' rule, but it's an excellent tool for ready children.

Parents should view this video prior to sharing it with their children.  The music and sounds may be frightening to more sensitive children.

Weird Animals 1 to 20 - Sesame Street

Weird Animals 1 to 20 - Sesame Street

1 - 20

A fast-paced approach to numbers 1 through 20.  

Don't be put off by the title.  The animals are weird, but not scary.  There is no song, but there is background music.

Rubber Stamps 1 to 20 - Sesame Street

Rubber Stamps 1 to 20 - Sesame Street

Another classic Sesame Street 'Learn to Count' video for preschoolers.

There is no song, but there is labeling and background music. 

Visually compelling.  No story line.  Great focus on numbers.

Numbers in the Park 1 to 20 - Sesame Street

Numbers in the Park 1 to 20 - Sesame Street

No song, but music and labeling are provided.

A great reenforcement video, but not great for capturing the imagination of children still learning the basic concept of numbers.

Bellhop #20 - Sesame Street

Bellhop 1 to 20 - Sesame Street

This video shows the practical use of numbers and counting while helping children learn to count.  There is a little drama provided as the bellhop struggles to remember the number, but then forgets what he needed 20 of.

There is no song, but there is labeling and background music.

Peacock 1 to 20 - Sesame Street

Peacock 1 to 20 - Sesame Street

1 - 20

Just a cute video.  Numbers are counted off to simple animation and background music.  Great for learning number order.

Baker 1 to 10 - Sesame Street

Baker 1 to 10 - Sesame Street

1 - 10.

A fast-paced, action-packed demonstration of numbers and counting.  A variety of images are used as numbers 1 through 10 are counted repeatedly.  This video combines animation and live action, making it visually interesting.

The numbers are counted as song.  There is even a little physical comedy at the end.

An old video, but very effective to help children learn counting.

The Alligator King 1 to 7 - Sesame Street

The Alligator King 1 to 7 - Sesame Street

Very, very, very sweet.

This video has everything-- a song to sing, cute animation, and a moral play.  Emphasis is not on the numbers, though they are counted in order repeatedly.  This video does an excellent job of drawing the child in while secretly teaching them to count.

An additional lesson about helping is provided, but it's not preachy.

Ten Kids 1 to 10 - Sesame Street

Ten Kids 1 to 10 - Sesame Street

Very simple repetition of counting as children dance.

No drama.  No song.  There is background music and labeling.

This is best for children who possess a basic understanding of counting, but are still learning to name numbers and put them in correct order.

Other 'Learn to Count' Videos

These videos aren't created by Sesame Street, but they are excellent learning tools.

Warning:  Some of these videos contain advertisements at the beginning or end for associated products.  However, the lesson is provided in whole, free to view.  No purchase is necessary and no registration is required for viewing with your child.

Counting Sheep 1 to 10 - Debikun

Counting Sheep 1 to 10 by Debikun

A cute video counting sheep.  Numbers are labeled and counted in order.  No song, but background music is provided.

This is a great video because the animation is eye-catching, but low-key.  It does not take away from the counting lesson.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great site. I've been looking for some videos for my toddler and preschooler to view while I have a few moments to do other things around the house.


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