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Betrayal. ( Be true to self and your dreams).

Updated on February 16, 2016





‎‎When you give up on your dreams.‎When you have let self down.When all you stood for and believe in, is comprised.‎‎

Who is the most important person in your life?Is what you would live for, more important than what you would die for?What makes you sleep at night?What are the elements which compose your reality?Are you living your dreams?

Have you ever been hurt?How did it feel?Was it some you deeply cared for?If they loved you, how is it possible you inflict pain on a loved one?Ask your self again, did they really love?

Being self sufficient takes time.You do not wake up one pink monday, and have the tools, skills to cope with life and make the best of adversity.It comes with dedication, sacrifice, commitment, falling and getting up, again and again, not for the faint hearted.

How is one to guard for the phoneys who claim to have your best interests at heart?

‎Empower yourself.Get a education that will help you in life.Should you have a job, build a career, live within your means, live a life free of debt if possible.

Dream and take note which dreams have come to life, take note of what you had to do for those dreams to materialise?Which dreams have faded, and did not get a chance to life, ask yourself sincerely why did I give up on that dream?

Keep dreaming and know what comes to you naturally, as what well as all the situations which compromise your happiness.Then you will begin to make progress, and know all that dwells in your heart.

Spoil yourself in moderation.Deprive yourself of luxuries you cherish, weekly so to have something meaningful to look forward to.Strive to improve on what you have become.Be a master at least one craft within your community.

Before you start a family ask yourself what kind of lifestyle will I bring my children into?Do I have an ideal compatible spouse.Can we make this work?There is no formula, plan, close your eyes and go for it.

We fall and we rise, we fall and we rise yet God has mercy on all our souls.We all have a life to live, what are you going to do with yours?Regret will not bring you any closure?Strive for excellence.

Most importantly do not compromise yourself.Never doubt your worth.Should you have no support, work effortlessly to be able to stand on your own.

‎You may feel lonely, depressed, mark my words you are not alone‎, within your mind lie all the realms and tools which you can materalise to manifest your comfort, all you have ever desired, Love self all else will follow.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala‎


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