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Beyond The Event Horizon: Black Holes and Time Dilation.

Updated on September 8, 2017

What is a Black Hole?

A Black Hole is a dense region of space where the Gravity is so strong that nothing seems to be able to escape. They can be created when a star runs out of fuel and can no longer hold its own weight. When this happens the star collapses in on its self creating a denser object with a large gravitational pull. They can also be formed in other ways that are described in the article linked below.

When a Black Hole forms an area called the Event Horizon forms arond it. This is known as the point of no return because if matter goes beyond this point it will not be able to escape the Black Holes Gravitational Pull.

Einstein and Black Holes

Einstein did not believe that Black Holes could exist even though Schwarzschild's solution to his theory of relativity predicted that they did.

But What Happens to the matter once it enters the Black Hole

It was once thought that nothing could escape the clutches of a Black Hole however Stephen Hawking theorised that a black hole would emit a form of radiation. This theoretical radiation is known a Hawking Radiation. If this is true then could a Black Hole eject anything else?

This is a question we may never find the answer to as we will probably never be able to create a probe that could escape the pull of a Black Hole.

What would happen to a probe once it falls into a black hole?

Most theories seem to suggest that it would evetually be destroyed, however due to the effects of time dilation we would see it stop at the event horizon and never get any further.

There are theories however that suggest that a Black Hole could be the entrance to a wormhole that has a White Hole at the other end. This White Hole is the Theoretical opposite of a Black Hole that would spew out the mater that a black hole ingests. If this theory was true then it could make intersteller travel easier. However no one has found a white hole or a wormhole for that matter and so we will be best steering clear of Black Holes and only investigate them using x-ray telescopes from a safe distance.

Elementary Black Holes

Black Holes have only a small number of distinctive features and in this sense they are just like Elementary Particles. And as there is no minimum size for a Black Hole they could theoretically by classed as the same.

Both Black Holes and Elementary Particles can be classified by their mass, force charges and spin. This means that any two Elementary Particles with the same mass, force charge and spin are identical, the same is true of Black Holes. But does this mean that we could find a Black Hole with the same properties as an Elementary Particle? It is possible that this could happen but as we have never come across a microscopic Black Hole we cannot know for sure.

We would need to get a closer look at one to make proper comparisons between them but this may never be able to happen unless we find a small enough one that we can get close to. Even if we did if they are like Elementary Particles we may not realise that we are looking at a Black Hole and if that is the case whats to say that Elementary Particles aren't just miniture Black Holes in disguise!

The idea that Black Holes and Dark Matter are the same thing also connects the the idea of the Elementary Black Holes. This is due to dark matter possibly being made of Elements that are invisible to us.

Black Holes to Parallel Universes

In the above linked article I hinted that Dark Matter could be the matter of a Parallel Universe. I also hinted that Dark Matter could be Black Holes.

So what if both ideas were true? What if Black Holes were made of Dark Matter and those Black Holes were the doors to other Universes hidden behind them?

Black Holes to Another Time

As mentioned above there is theory that suggests that when particles enter a Black Hole they could be transported through a Wormhole and thrown out of a White Hole at the other end.

What if there was a Black Hole powered Wormhole that instead of going from one point in space to another actually went from one point in time to another? Now as I have mentioned Black Holes cause a thing called time dilation. What if this could cause a Wormhole to form then be bent around with the gravitational forces and then reconnect to the Black Hole some time later?

Could such a Wormhole exist? And if so would it be stable enough to allow travel through it?

If those wormhole's exist then they would probably be to small and unstable for us to use to travel to another time or universe. This being said if they did and we found or could create one big enough to send a probe or even a ship through then we could search for a way to hold it open.


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