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Who Has The Biggest Brain ; Facebook Application Tips and Tricks

Updated on April 13, 2011

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'Who has the biggest Brain' is one of the best applications in Facebook. Prior to the burgeoning of its competent from Wooga- the 'Brain Buddies', Playfish's 'Who has the biggest brain' dominated among the applications in its category. Now it has been degraded to second position in terms of the number of users currently playing the game. Playfish has got just 2 million users compared to its counterpart possessing 5 million users.

Frankly speaking, it is tough to score in 'Who has the Biggest Brain'(say for simplicity... Jack) compared to Brain Buddies (Jill). This is because of the fact that cumulative addition and bonus points are not available for Jack compared to Jill. But it must be kept in mind that negatives do count for Jack but a stream of correct answers is not gonna do a good appreciation to your score for jack. My best score for Jack is 3226 while for Jill is 4521. See the difference in scores. This is the major difference between Jack and Jill.

Like Jill, Jack is also divided into four sections but in a jumbled order. The cubes section awards more points compared to the weight challenge in the first set. in the calculation section, the one showing calculator earns more points compared to the sign-chooser. For memory test it is easier to score using the cards rather than the other. It is absolutely sure that bubbles in fourth set would award more points than its counter part.

Avoid Negatives, this is the Thumb Rule for scoring better in 'Whohas the Biggest Brain'. Also, score maximum number of correct answers in cube, bubble sections which posses the most number of points per correct answer. For the calculation part it is better to use keyboard than mouse ( Both for the calculator and signs).

"Who has the biggest brain" World Ranking[October2009]:
1. Francis Queti................6584 cm³
2. Tomas Mardones...........6340 cm³
3. Leonardo Rojas.............6269 cm³
4. Humberto Osses...........6229 cm³
5. Diego Urtubia................6213 cm³


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    • profile image

      facebook application developers  8 years ago

      Wow nice posting… you have a great tips for facebooker. Thanks for sharing this stuff.

    • mobilephones profile image

      mobilephones 8 years ago from Bangalore, India

      thanks Humberto

    • profile image

      Humberto Osses 8 years ago

      Hello! I'm Humberto Osses, current nº6 of the world with 6260 cm³ in this game. If you want personal tips according to your brain profile feel free to send me a message through facebook or join this group:

      Good luck!

    • mobilephones profile image

      mobilephones 8 years ago from Bangalore, India

      i think u should not give it up.

      try wishes

    • profile image

      charbel matar 8 years ago

      I got 3608 and i guess no more up