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Biology - Scientific Method Definitions

Updated on September 3, 2012

Biology is an easy enough subject but there are a LOT of definitions to remember. Here are my old biology notes that are concise with correct information for your use. Please don't forget to rate my hub and follow for more biology hubs!

Observation: The use of your senses to gather information.

Experiment: A controlled test or investigation to determine the validity of a hypothesis.

Scientific Method: A process of investigation carried out to create explanations based on the observations and evidence they gather from experiments

Data: A set of results, measurements and information gathered through observations from experiment.

Conclusion: The interpretation or explanation of the data reached after consideration.

Hypothesis: An educated guess or result of an experiment based on an observation.

Scientific Law/Principle: A statement that has been well tested over time, supported and verifiable by a number of experiments.

Independent Variable:The thing you change during an experiment. Plotted on the X axis of graph.

Dependent Variable: The thing that changes because of the changes in the independent variable. It is plotted on the Y axis of a graph.

Control: This is a standard that we compare our results to in an experiment

Replicate: This is to repeat an experiment.

Sample Size: The number of subjects used in an experiment or study. Generally, the larger the number the better.

Random Selection: The process of choosing without conscious choice or method to be scientifically tested.

Theory: An explanation supported by results from many different experiments gathered over a long period of time.

Double Blind Testing: An experiment where neither the researchers nor the participants know who received the substance being evaluated and who received the placebo

Placebo: A substance that is presented as a drug but having no actual effect. It is used as a control.


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    • Smora Laura profile image

      Laura 5 years ago from Ireland

      Thank you

    • Kerdon profile image

      Kerdon 5 years ago from Ireland

      Great hub, well done.