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Blizzard 2011

Updated on February 3, 2011
2 to 3 feet out there and the plows didnt free us till 3:30PM!!
2 to 3 feet out there and the plows didnt free us till 3:30PM!! | Source


Well a week ago it was predicted on the news, "MASSIVE WINTER STORM" and of course alot of people look at that and say yeah right. but as the days got closer they started seeing snow but still werent convinced. then on tuesday night when everyone was starting to go home the mother load hit us! mom came home early, and she was lucky she got to. as she was leaving they called a code white, meaning they would ask everyone that was there to stay due to the bad conditons. as the night went on the winds whipped and the snow fell hard, sometimes to the point where i could barely see across the street. i went to bed with the road still kinda passable. However when i woke up i was in for a surprise. the street was under 2 feet of snow, the backyard had 3 to 4 foot drifts and the front porch was swallowed up in snow.shoveling out the side walkway was a real nightmare. and i hadnt even gotten to the walk to the garage yet. when we got to tackling that i had to shovel through the 3 foot drift, that was fun cuz i dove into it first!! the garage actually had snow in is where the snow was whipped under the door. half the alley is a winter wasteland, untouched by shovel, people, or animal, let alone a car trying to pass it, the snow in the alley was higher than most hoods on cars, luckily some people with shovels took care of our half of the alley so we are free from the wasteland. well mom is, my van is sealed in a glacier that the plow put it in. alot of great people i saw out yesterday. there were people out there snoblowing out the cars stuck after the plow finally came out at 3:30 PM!!! well today (the day after the storm) it is only 7 degrees and cold as ever, im sure my van is now encapsulated like a mammoth during the ice age. maybe i can find someone with a super snowblower to help me out, well i can hope right????


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