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Bog Bodies !

Updated on September 24, 2009

Bog bodies are preserved human bodies found in Sphagnum bogs in Ireland,Great Britain and Northern Europe . Bog bodies, due to their unusual surroundings retain their skin and internal areas. Highly acidic water, cold temperature and lack of oxygen are responsible for severely tanned preserved bog bodies.Bog bodies retain their skin but the bones are usually not well preserved and in most of the cases not preserved at all.

This happens due to acidic in the peat which dissolves the calcium phosphate of bones. Bog bodies retain intricate details such as tattoo marks and fingerprints.Fingerprint expert C.H Vogelius Anderson was astonished to see that the fingerprints on a Bogman was clearer than his. one of the Bogman's stubble and facial hair was also well preserved!

The bogs are preserved by a completely saturated acidic environment and there should be considerable organic acids and aldehydes present.Sphagnum and peat assist in preserving the cadavers by enveloping the tissue in a cold immobilizing the matrix, impeding water circulation and oxygenation.

An additional feature of this airless preservation is that it can preserve hair, clothes and leather.A good example of this is the Bronze age egtved girl.Some of the bogs have survived for 2,500 years.Most of the bodies have been found in some state of decay.Many specimens may have been destroyed when they were exposed to normal atmosphere.

Britain, Ireland, Northern Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and southern Sweden are some countries in which bogs were found.

Records of such bogs date back to the 18th century!

The earliest bog body is that of a Koelbjerg woman dating back to 3500BC!


Homme de Tollund
Homme de Tollund


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    • crayonbrains profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thank you Jynzly.

    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 

      5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Really morbidly interesting information.

    • crayonbrains profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thank you SommerDalton :) You made my day :)

    • SommerDalton profile image

      Sommer Dalton 

      6 years ago

      Whoa so cool, great and informative hub! Voted up plus 3

    • crayonbrains profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting Peanutricious. Us women will have to keep our fingers crossed for that one miracle cream that really works :)

    • Peanutritious profile image

      Tara Carbery 

      6 years ago from Cheshire, UK

      I enjoyed this. I find it morbidly fascinating even though I feel a bit voyeuristic looking at such remains in museums! The way their bodies are preserved after so many years is astounding! like you said, where's the anti-wrinkle cream that can do that?

    • crayonbrains profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thank you moncrieff for visiting my hub and commenting:) yes ! amazing! isnt it ? The way these bodies are preserved is remarkable !

    • moncrieff profile image


      8 years ago from New York, NY

      Wow interesting info. I believe I've heard of it but never really thought about it as a preservation place for ancient people. Clothing is most interesting, of course, since it's so hard to find a real piece of ancient apparel, were it not made out of gold.

    • crayonbrains profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thank you for visiting my hub! I am sure someone would come up with a face cream that can preserve one's youthful appearance, what with branded ones whipping out creams and lotions with pure gold, caviar and i guess the latest is birdie droppings!!!!

    • profile image 

      9 years ago

      Haven't read about this for ages. Amazing the level of presevation. I wonder if anyone has invented a face cream based on this.


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