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Boredom Be Gone: An English Teacher’s Guide To Keeping Learning Alive- Lesson 2

Updated on April 14, 2020

Figures of Speech

Creative writers use figurative language (figures of speech) to enhance their writing. The most commonly used figures of speech are:

alliteration: repetition of the same sound at the beginning of words

Martin made many friends.

The southern slope of the hill reflected the sun.

hyperbole: exaggeration

I must’ve told you that a million times!

that puzzle looks like it has a zillion pieces

irony: saying the opposite of what you really mean

Congratulations! You failed the final exam.

I must say you did a fine job of losing another golf match.

metaphor: comparing things that are not like without using “like” or “as”

Young man was a tower of strength.

Her tears were raindrops of despair..

onomatopoeia: using a sound to represent itself

The bus screeched to a halt.

”Moo” said the cow as he contentedly chomped the grass.

personification: giving human qualities to something that is not human

He stood at the mouth of the cave.

The sun seemed to be winking as it rose in the sky.

simile: Comparing two unlike objects using ”like” or ”as”

When she failed the test, Jan felt like she had lost a race.

She sang like a nightingale.

Your Turn

Decide whether each of these sentences is an example of alliteration(A), hyperbole (H), irony (I), metaphor (M), onomatopoeia (O), personification (P), or simile ( S)

(It might help to print out this page.)

Answers will appear at the end of lesson three.

1. The angry boy was like a cobra about to strike.

2. “So you failed another test. That’s great!” said his dad.

3. The hands of the clock seemed to be waving at us.

4. The big cloud swallowed the air in one giant gulp.

5. The shy football player was a raging bull on the field.

6. Seven silly student said some stupid things.

7. The car screeched to a halt.

8. This is the seventh time you’ve been late for work. Good job!

9. The snake hissed at the frightened boy.

10. The branches of the tree were waving at me.

11. The chalk squeaked across the blackboard.

12. When it came to finishing his work, he was a well -oiled machine.

13. It’s best to buy big balloons in bulk.

14. The excited girl was like a helium -filled balloon about to burst.

15. The violin sang a happy tune.

16. You must have lost a zillion gloves.

17. When you’re tired, you’re like a bear in hibernation.

18. Many merry midgets made mud pies.

19. I have a million things to do before dinner.

20. The silly boy acted like a clown.

21. The eye of the storm settled on the town.

22. You could hear a loud crack when the tree split.

23. The winner of the contest acted like a miner who had just discovered gold.

24. The tornado swept through the area like an angry god.

25. “Bam!” went the car door as my friend slammed it closed.


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