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Boredom Unleashes Your Creativity

Updated on December 19, 2016

Are you bored? A lot of people find boredom useless. Actually, it can unleash your creative juices and kick-start your artsy activities.

For instance, you are staring on a blank sheet of paper. The moment you get bored, somehow you'll become tempted to scribble, draw, write, sketch or doodle on that blank sheet. Actually, your boredom triggered you to unleash your creativity. It elicits and stimulates the artist in you.

Why? because the moment you get bored. Your imagination seems to think and play. You aren't contented and happy about its plainness so you tend to come up of generating amusing and unusual ideas.

Being bored is someone's discontentment with conventionalism and mediocrity. The popular term, "getting outside the box" means, going against the flow. To not fit in with the usual mold. I believe that it's better to be ridiculous than to be a boring individual. That's why, many artistic and creative people who are perceived as wierdos are the ones who feel boredom at often times.

The actual cause of boredom is the lack of stimulation or over-familiarization on a daily routine. Many individuals who engage on the artistic fields such as animators, painters, comic book artist, designers, song writers, entrepreneurs and even bloggers and online writers can benefit by being bored.

Boredom gives us the signal that we're not being creative and innovative enough. It gives us the desire to quench our creative juices and let our ideas come alive.

Online writers as well as bloggers tend to kill their boredom by expressing their thoughts, feelings, ideas and aspirations in life by writing on a blank canvass, either on a piece of paper or on their blogsites.

As these scribes tend to stare blankly out their window, their imagination seems to generate unusual and and sometimes, brilliant ideas. So whenever you get bored, don't ever think that you're wasting and spending your time in vain.

It's actually a privilege for you to get creative and innovative.

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