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Are You Aware Bottled Water Is Tap Water

Updated on June 7, 2013

All About Bottled Water

Sales of Bottled Water have never been higher thanks to the marketing practices of several large companies that sell Bottled Water.

Bottled Water is still the fastest growing beverage sold in the United States. But did you know that most Bottled Water being currently sold in the United States comes from the tap. Yes surprise that $1 and up per bottle you are paying for Bottled Water is in most cases a rip off. Do you know the only thing great about Bottled Water? How it is marketed. All the companies selling the Bottled Water try their best to convince you that you need their product. They get all the rich famous people like Wrestlers , Golfers , Nascar Drivers and etc to use their product on tv and a little ideal is planted in your mind. So and so seems to really enjoy it so it must be good. And you run out and buy it.

Is Bottled Water better for you than Tap Water. The short answer is no. What most Bottled Water companies do is filter and purify regular old tap water so it has a slightly different taste than your Tap Water and people line up to buy it like all the wells in the world are running dry.

Bottled Water is the biggest rip off in the United States. Once again for emphasis-bottled water is the biggest rip off in the United States. The high cost of bottled water does not make it better than tap water, especially when considering that bottled water is not really healthier or better than regular tap water in any way.

Do you know that with what you are paying per bottle of water you are paying $10 or more per gallon for that tap water that has been put into bottles and marketed to you.

One of the most popular bottled water brands in the United States Aquafinia is you guessed it nothing but Tap Water. As is Wal Marts store brand of water also . Nothing but Tap Water but Walmart sells it like hot cakes. Walk around Walmart and look at peoples buggys. A lot will have packages of Walmarts Store Brand of water in them and folks its nothing but Tap Water.

Do you know that you can buy your own water filter for a lot cheaper than you can buy bottled tap water for a year.

Bottled Water , The Biggest Rip Off In America

Bottled Water , The Biggest Rip Off In America
Bottled Water , The Biggest Rip Off In America

More About The Bottled Water Rip Off

Are You Aware Bottled Water Is Tap Water

The above three videos tells you the truth that Bottled Water is a rip off. Yes you have been paying for Tap Water. The Bottled Water Companies for the most part are bottling regular old Tap Water and selling it to you with some marketing thrown in for $10 per gallon or more. Think about that fact the next time you buy some Bottled Water.

Do you see the Brita Water Pitcher for sale down there below from Amazon. Do you know that you can buy it for less than $30.00 and have the same product that you have been paying $1 or more per bottle for and often you have paid $10 or more per gallon. Makes you think doesn't it.

Checking Your Own Tap Water

Hints that will help you evaluate your own tap water for possible contamination or problems,

1. If your sink has a dark-reddish-colored stain it may be be the result of rust in your pipes.

2. If your sink has greenish stains it is probally from copper leaching from the pipes.

3. If you notice a rotten egg smell its probally hydrogen sulfide produced from bacteria

4. If the water is cloudy it can be from dirt particles , iron , or bacterial contamination.

Cloudy water can also result from small air bubbles forming when the water is under pressure as it leaves the tap and soon dissipates. This is harmless and no need for concern.

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    • profile image

      David 6 years ago

      Great article page about the fraud of tap bottle water, most people are spending and wasting money on something they have at home already, Good Info.. For More Information on Alkaline Bottled Water

    • profile image

      snikkidoodle 7 years ago

      Look out for Wal-Mart's Sam's Choice bottled water, it's got more contaminants then your toilet.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 9 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Bottled water is truly one of the worst rip offs ever. Can you even imagine what you are paying for a gallon of bottled water. Add it up and see what you think.