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Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Gold Digger Metal Detector

Updated on January 19, 2012

I have a small hobby of going out to some of the pristine beaches and just hunting for treasure. It is a fun past time where I have found many different types of things. I have found money, collectable ingots, and even an old pair of glasses that where from the 1900s. I get excited with anticipation every time I go because you never know what you will find. The biggest advantage I have is that I have purchased a impressive metal detector that has aided me in my explorations. The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Gold Digger Metal Detector TK4 Metal Detectors Is, hands down the best metal detector that I have ever used.

The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Gold Digger Metal Detector has a distinct set of sensors that allow you to use it to detect all types of metals.

1. Motion All-Metal mode offers a single tone that detects all types of metal

2. Discrimination mode – which eliminates most useless metals like iron.

3. 2-Tone audio mode – which eliminates all other metals besides valuable and iron for easy identification of valuables

The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Gold Digger Metal Detector has an enormous advantage over other detectors. The bounty hunter is able to detect in extremely tough conditions compared to the normal metal detectors that give off a lot of false readings. It is able to do this because of the preset ground balance this little internal trick allows the metal detector to distinguish between common unwanted material and valuables a lot easier. With the elimination of unwanted metals from being detected it is easier to distinguish the valuables and find your true gold.

The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Gold Digger Metal Detector is the top of the line metal detector with a slim price for your wallet. This metal detector ha a variable view screen that will help you identify locations of deposits. It has the ability to go deeper into the ground with its superior detecting sensors then most other detectors. The coil that is inside is designed to go 8 inches deeper for higher performance and easy object hunting. So, if you are an avid treasure hunter like I am, give the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Gold Digger Metal Detector the chance and you will be just as impressed.


1. Motion All-Metal mode, Discrimination mode, and 2-Tone audio mode

2. Preset ground balance neutralizes response to mineral content in the ground

3. Able to distinguish between valuable and non valuable metals easier

4. Ergonomic and light weight design

5. Coil design only needs two 9 volt batteries to operate

6. Full 5 year manufactures warranty


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  • Jonathan Grimes profile image

    Jonathan Grimes 

    6 years ago from Devon

    Interesting article and as a metal detectorist myself, once your bitten by the bug it's great. A couple of my finds can be found here if your interested. . .

  • Seeker7 profile image

    Helen Murphy Howell 

    6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

    Excellent hub and what a fascinating interest to have! I would love the idea of never knowing just what might be found on a trip out to some beach or field!

    The Bounty Hunter T4 is a very interesting piece of technology and I enjoyed reading about it! Great hub + voted up!

  • point2make profile image


    6 years ago

    I have been using a Bounty Hunter detector for years. I have a Quick Draw II and I have had great times with it. The Bounty Hunter detectors are well priced for the beginner to get into the hobby. I have never used a Tracker IV yet but I hear they perform very well. As you know Metal Detecting is a great hobby and you don't have to spend a fortune to take part. Good informative hub....voted up!


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