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Useful tips to aim a Big score for Facebook Application: Brain Buddies

Updated on September 29, 2010

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Facebook is famous for its wide variety of applications, which makes it different from other social networks like orkut, myspace, twitter etc. Brain Buddies is currently the application in facebook with most number of clients. Brain Buddies emerged into the application list just a few months back but it is now the one with quite a large number of fans.

The Brain Buddies application is basically divided into four sections :

  • Memory
  • Logic
  • Calculation
  • Visual

Points to be pondered:

  1. The scores are cumulative in nature.
  2. The sum of scores in all the four sections will be taken as the final score.
  3. The main thing to be noted is that negatives do reduce your score.
  4. A large band of correct answers increases your score.
  5. A good score can be attained only through bonus points which can be gathered only by getting correct answers in a row of 3, 5,10,15,20 etc
  6. Also each time you score in a row then you will get bonus time which adds with the stipulated 60 seconds time limit confined for each section
  7. It is better to get correct answers in a single row than getting negatives at regular intervals.
  8. Also it is important that you choose the correct game from each section which suits your brain profile. There are two sub options for each section. It is obvious that you may not be performing differently for each section. You can find your strong area after playing a couple of games.
  9. Guesses may be taken for the last trial of each section when you feel that there is not enough time left to find the correct answer.It do works. Remember that if you get a correct answer the extra point you gain would be larger than the previous gain. This guessing work is actually much effective for the logic section compared to its counterparts.
  10. Take your time to play better. Hurry will be surely an utter waste as there is no point for the correct markings within a wrong answer.
  11. Another important fact is that your speed will increase with your experience i.e, the more games you play the better will be the chance for you to get a good score.

The Master Capsule

It is better to take the first elective for memory and logic sections and the last electives for calculation and visual section to get a better score as each count has got more points relatively.

I think that if you follow above instructions it would be easier for you to aim a score above 3500.For any further doubts do comment. I will reply.


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    • profile image

      Laura 5 years ago

      My overall score is not being calculated correctly. What is wrong?

    • profile image

      krudulj 5 years ago

      my score is 4 373 and i'm 14 ... is it good or not?

    • profile image

      Fatsie 5 years ago

      I cannot see my score or that of my friends and i cannot choose which game to play. Please help thanks

    • mobilephones profile image

      mobilephones 6 years ago from Bangalore, India


      The game is so addictive if u play sincerely.

    • profile image

      nobody 7 years ago

      I just started playing this game a few days ago, but there must be trick I'm missing because even getting 22 in a row correctly on the math test - the one with the floating bubbles with (46-29) etc. - barely got me half the score that both my other friends have in the same category... Somehow I doubt they can perform twice as many calculations as I can in a minute: that would mean one every 1.5 second.

    • profile image

      Estaleb 7 years ago

      There are cheat programs and many people think getting a high score by cheating is clever. There are also simple patterns that emerge over time that take absolutely no intelligence at all. the game is flawed but fun if you play it honestly.

    • mobilephones profile image

      mobilephones 7 years ago from Bangalore, India


      It is not that absurd as you think. the whole game follows a cumulative scoring pattern. The less mistakes you make and the more correct answer streak you possess, the more is your score. Don't blame the game for your difficulty

    • profile image

      Helen 7 years ago

      And I thought my score was good.... I have a record of around 2500g, best of my friends... I now realize I have to practis a lot more...

    • profile image

      mariam 7 years ago

      my score is 2900g is me STUPIt i really tried many times to get more score but hopless


      how could people score more than 3000g

      i'm really go maaaaad

    • profile image

      smithee 7 years ago

      this game has got a weird scoring system. It's not always similar. Even for the same mini-games

    • mobilephones profile image

      mobilephones 7 years ago from Bangalore, India


      players supporting .swf may be used for offline playing.

      Extended codec versions of players like GOM will do the job.

    • mobilephones profile image

      mobilephones 7 years ago from Bangalore, India


      change the browser using.

      it may work

    • profile image

      Ahmad Jamil 7 years ago

      Hi...My Score is 4800 and need to score more but my memory is i couldn't get more than 1100 in memory..and also i need a software for offline to get this?????

      actually my country has banned facebook throughout the country due to bloody policy of fakebook

    • profile image

      Sofia 7 years ago

      Well, I have 26 friends playing but I can't find out how to chose my games. There are games that I hate and I don't want to play them ever. I badly need info. Thanks in advance.

    • profile image

      Simpy Sarin 7 years ago

      My current score is 9,539 g. It is not tough to score high on this application. Your article was informative so thanks for it.

    • mobilephones profile image

      mobilephones 7 years ago from Bangalore, India

      if u have more than 20 friends you can choose between all the available combinations.

    • profile image

      addoulla 7 years ago

      you must add more friends

    • profile image

      vodka 7 years ago

      how do u choose your games...i can't find it