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Building Blocks of the Stars

Updated on October 16, 2011

God Is, We Are

all rights reserved
all rights reserved

A Discovery

The sources of fire, we are told, in being a material to be burned, of heat, and air,

Are we creations of a result, of a carbon, of oxygen, and what a Sun has to share?

The ABC blocks of a human kind, possibly manipulated, by the hands of our God,

Pulled from the depths, this clay of the earth, formed on a wheel from piles of sod?

By the skill of the Potter, and by His own grace, has fashioned each in likeness to Him,

With skin, hair, sinew, and blood, a structuring of each special part and of every limb.

Perhaps we are the synopsis of a creator, formed of Him, in His most basic of shapes,

Could we all be, but a part and parcel then, of our brothers, kindred of the great apes?

Were we all brought from some place long ago, to the soil, upon which we all now live,

To mix and mingle in forming who we now are, and finding us a home, in which to give?

Suppose we just evolved into human kind, with seeds planted here in times of the past,

It matters not the way we began, were conceived, nor of molds in which we were all cast.

To behold the true beauty of this green earth, with the mountains, seas, and wide plains,

We live and breathe in a cooling fresh air, and all view sunlit valleys, along country lanes.

Senses of sight in seeing fine colors abound, and to hear a bird's melodies, from on high,

Blessings we have on this earth, by our God, undoubted, to matter not, that we all may try.


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