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Astrological 1st House Convincing Roles of Personality

Updated on November 7, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis

Burning Intuition
Burning Intuition | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: How to Stop the Lies we tell Ourselves Why We Expect Others to Validate.

Flooded by ingrained ideas, thoughts, perceptions, and opinions, our particular way of viewing the world is somewhat colored and distorted. No matter how hard we try to deliberately negotiate our intent, what we ‘think’ gets in the way of what we do.

Coupled with the reality that most of our emotionally imprinted thoughts are the osmotic product of our early conditioning, environment and family upbringing, we bring to the table, not only ourselves, but a host of other unresolved disturbed voices residing in our heads.

In essence, we are ‘pretty much’ hardwired from the beginning to fuel false ideas about ourselves which support what we have been taught, shown or gathered indirectly through mal-aligned experience.

Before I go any further, let me make one concept impeccably clear: these false ideas do not necessarily have to be negative; they can just as much be ones that fuel the notions about how very special and unique you are!

Suffocating ingrained ideas influence us all the days of our lives up until the critical point where we are afforded (given the chance: whether through plummeting to the abyss or sky rocking through the ceiling of success) the opportunity to investigate the matter of ourselves more directly, honestly and thoroughly.

“It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it!” Therein lies the premise of the first house of the astrological chart. Whether one is inclined to believe in the science of astrology or not is not up for discussion; either the star patterned information relates (fits) or it doesn’t. IF it fits, wear it. IF it doesn’t toss it out!

Properties of esoteric truth are wiggly creatures. Though paradoxical in nature, at times, the obscured messages they bring can be as astounding as radically altering our world in flash of blatant inspiration.

It is at this place the discussion of the ascendant rises and takes a definite turn in understanding. Incidentally, the term ‘ascendant’ is used to define the cluster of stars that was evident in the heavens at the moment of your precise birth.

In essence, you entered into the world with that particular pattern indelibly stamped upon your character. Or more definitively expressed, the theory of the interconnection of all things (quantum psychics) made it that the stars of that particular sign would influence your path all the days of your life.

In other words, it is our heart that pumps our blood into our veins and not our bowels or our eyes.

More importantly, the fact that it is our heart which beats in our chest which defines a specific quality of life that we will experience, alone, not to be confused with some other person who possesses an entirely different heart whose influence will be felt for him/her. Initially, the first house is the heart of the matter of our life while visiting planet earth.

A life sustaining impact, not to be diminished, neither accelerated nor replicated by any other human being.

Physically, we are what we are based upon many diverse biological factors but our individual personalities, destinies and life experiences are singularly designated for us. Nobody can do you like you can do you!

We have a DNA encoded blueprint that determines (presents us with choices) and influences our derived behavior. We also have a Celestial encoded blueprint which determines (presents us with choices) and influences our predisposed desires through that imponderable behavior.

Of course, we make our own decisions but “OH!! How they are saturated with so many conflicting multifarious layers of undetectable reasoning.”

Within the framework of natal first house, if you are interested and so inclined, you may begin to unravel some of these latent influences. In truth, our lives began before we popped into this dispensation of time and space.

After conception, we spent the first months inside our mother’s womb having been formed into the human being we arrived as. It is at this entrance that we are esoterically christened (so to speak) to begin our new lives under the influence (innate potential) of the astrological sign and planet(s) attached to our particular 1st house.

We, as human beings, are challenged to take our first breath; we inhale the providence of what is to come with the very next breath. Though we are ‘gods in the making’, we are born as children of the universe with the world as our universal theater.

We cannot possibly begin to know our parts until after we have tried on all of the costumes.

Some will fit better than others; some not at all and some are hidden in the other room that we are not even aware are in the building. But, once having gone through the various roles assigned to us, with diligent work and dedicated commitment to release ourselves from the inappropriate disguises, we are able to ‘establish and maintain’ a indomitable force to be reckoned with.

No one enjoys feeling as if he/she is living someone else’s life. How can that feeling be eradicated? By discovering other latent artistic possibilities not yet recognized or embraced.

As long as you wait to be rescued, or believe that somewhere ‘down the road’ things are going to improve, you are fooling yourself and prolonging self-inflicted misery. This is as good as it gets!

But IF you are not plugged into the “IT”, you won’t recognize nor appreciate how good it can be. Instead of running, hiding, discounting, denying and whining about how bad things are, try showing up for your life exactly and precisely how it is.

Change nothing or no one. Keep doing what you are doing in the specific manner in which you are doing it.

The first house in the natal charts waves the banner of ‘standing firm’, actually like being nailed to the wall of your life without any possibility or escape or rescinding of sentence. That’s the whole point! The occult zodiac secret so transparently obvious!

While you are trying to work to see the light at the end of the tunnel, improve, fix, resolve, get what you think you deserve, get out of this mess, and find the answer for your so called dilemmas, the poisonous spraying air plane of your own refusal to accept your hallowed life has drenched you in disbelief, negativity, self-doubt, cynicism, overwhelming disappointment, calibrated expectations, and unfaltering disdain.

In other words you are a pampas ungrateful ass who walks around with a chip on your shoulder as big as the state of Texas!

In order to understand and incorporate the astrological importance of the 1st house, you must be willing to give up the idea of having any framed idea of what is supposed to be.

When you find yourself making excuses, justifications, explanations and/or detailed reasons why such and such occurred or why you did or said what you did, red alert in action!

You are padding your personality’s delusional comfort zone. It is here where all sorts of hideous trailing lies originate. Instead of facing the unknown uncharted waters of uncertainty, you contrive to keep an idea intact.

Those times when you are afforded the divine experience of meeting yourself in full blazoned armor with the sign of your 1st house cusp on your helmet, don’t retreat. You are not to be impressed by the efforts implied but look beyond the apparent ‘good showing’.

Repression will always show up first smiling, friendly with congeniality unmistakably disguised followed by undetectably restrained ‘bows and frills’ packaged indulgence. Be not swayed or flattered. Now is not the time to compliment or praise.

The hour for white washing placating is fast left behind when you decide you are ready and willing to enter into the real “YOU’ you’ve never met. It’s scary I know, but you can’t put it off forever.


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    • msorensson profile image


      8 years ago

      I love this: Ohhh so hard to do...

      "Change nothing or no one. Keep doing what you are doing in the specific manner in which you are doing it."

      I just emailed one of my friends. I could not answer a question. The question is if everything in this world is a lie, then does that mean what we are doing is also a lie?

      To practice with him in the question, tell me a lie, I said "I was the Prima Ballerina of the Bolshoi between 1981 and 1990."

      And I just figured out why I said that, Paula. Indeed, you are a gift.

      Thank you.


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