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Burt Rutan and His Strang Flying Aircraft

Updated on February 27, 2013

Burt Rutan and His Strange Flying Aircraft

Burt Rutan and His Strange Flying Aircraft
Burt Rutan and His Strange Flying Aircraft | Source

Burt Rutan and Virgin Atlantic

Burt Rutan and His Strange Flying Aircraft

Yes we know UFO.s are out there or are they a by – product of Burt Rutan an aerospace engineer and his strange looking aircraft , I just happened to run into on you tube while tweaking a site of mine. Once you look into the videos you will see what I mean. This man’s life and career began in June17th, 1943 he designed strong, unusual-looking, energy efficient airplanes. The Voyager was the first plane to fly around the world without re-fueling or stopping. He won the Ansari X-Prize in 2004 for building aircraft that could travel into space twice within a two week period. Five of this man’s airplanes are on display at the National Air and Space Museum.

When I started searching for another object on you tube I came across some of the space looking aiplanes that, we have been informed in the media were UFO’s , yet take another look at this man’s work and I do believe we have sound our answer to some of the strange we see in the sky sometimes. There are highly educated men and women that the media, of course do not recognize to let us know, therefore our suspicion’s lead our imaginations to wonder where the heck some of these UFO’s come from. Well we made some of them, as featured in these videos.

This man is by far a genus and by the time at age eight he was already designing and building model aircraft. In 1959 he became a pilot at sixteen and graduated third in his class in 1965 from California Polytechnic State University with a B.S. in aeronautical engineering. In 1965 right after graduating you know where he went to, the US Air Force and was a flight test engineer. He became the director of the Bede Test Center for Bede Aircraft in Kansas, up until 1974.

In 1974 Rutan started his own business called the Rutan Aircraft Factory; this is where he developed prototypes of more aircrafts. all homebuilt. He continued building these aircraft up to 1982 he founded Scaled Composites, LLC. This is headquartered in Mojave, California at the Mojave Air and Space Port. He won several awrds for his designs in 2005 from this point on. Very sleek looking unusual UFO looking, unrealistic flying units. IN the year 2010 He was developing suborbital technology projects, this spaceflight technology has proven to achieve breakthroughs that were not possible. He is very content on proving and has proven that flight into and out of space is possible with several aircraft, designed in an abnormal look for most of us.

Vey high intelligence and he is searchable, not a whole lot of information except this fellow is by far a smart one, and dedicated to his work, we possibly have seen some of his work, and though possibly some of his aircraft may not even be detectable is of no surprise to me.

In November 3rd, 2010 Burt Rutan Retired from Scaled composites, even though he continues to be on the research firm from Scaled Composites he plans full retirement in the year 2011.Following his retirement form Scaled composites Mr. Rutan will assume the title of founder and chairman emeritus. The man for 45 years has been the creator of such aircraft you will see in the videos that accompany this document. He is famed and a leader in aerospace technology and I am sure still associated in technology as someone with his statue just does not give in .

Burt Rutan is an immeasurable man and feats of his flying machines are none other than awe striking to look at. Some of the aircraft reminds me of some of the UFO reports we have heard about on the news, so it goes to show us that what we make and don’t really know may be of our own, just seen by a few of us at night or daybreak, and that these four eyes creatures may as well be a plane that we are not familiar with . There is so much we don’t know for our own good I suppose, that it is interesting to find such fellow Americans that have made travel even more interesting than we may have thought.


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