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Buy a Honeywell Weather Station Online

Updated on March 25, 2012
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Keith Schroeder writes The Wealthy Accountant blog with 30 years experience in the tax field. He is the tax adviser of Mr. Money Mustache.

It amazes me that Honeywell weather stations are not more popular than they are. Other names pop to the top of the list when the discussion turns to weather stations. It really is too bad. Honeywell makes one of the best weather stations on the market today. Because they are less well known, their price is very competitive (read low price) while producing quality second to none.

Honeywell makes a lot of different products. This might be why their weather stations are less well known. Honeywell the company is well known. Their products are well known.

Regardless, you should consider Honeywell when purchasing a weather station. They come loaded with features/sensors, are easy to set up/install, economical, and built to last. Honeywell is a name you can trust. They build solid quality into all their products.

Consider the Honeywell TN924W Weather Information Station. Not only do you get the standard weather data: temperature and humidity inside and out, weather data storage without a PC connection, wind speed and direction, rain gauge, wireless transmission range of over 300 feet, barometric pressure, weather forecast, and the ability to add up to 4 additional sensors. It also comes with a weather radio built right into the console. If the lights go out, you are not left in the dark. All this for about $200.

If you desire a basic weather Station for under $50, Honeywell also has several to choose from, all made to last a lifetime.

Where to Buy and Why

My opinion, but the only place to buy your Honeywell weather station is from Amazon. Here are the facts: Amazon pits resellers against each other to provide the best price. The best price rises to the top giving you the best deal. Amazon has free shipping and a return policy in case you are unsatisfied with your purchase. All these facts lead to better price, higher quality, and better customer service.

I placed a selection of Honeywell weather stations listed on Amazon around this article. Honeywell weather stations are perfect for around the home, farm, office, or as a gift.

There are more expensive weather stations on the market and some are really professional models. I have links to several other weather station reviews below. But when you compare price to value, I think Honeywell is on top. If you need a professional weather station, then I recommend Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Plus. But for the average person, Honeywell is the ticket.

Check out the Honeywell selection of weather stations available on Amazon and buy one today. Buy another for a gift. They do make the best gifts and never stop giving.


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