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Buy an Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Online

Updated on February 6, 2012
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Keith Schroeder writes The Wealthy Accountant blog with 30 years experience in the tax field. He is the tax adviser of Mr. Money Mustache.

Wind, rain, clouds, and sun get a lot of press in the weather, but temperature tops the list. As you head out the door you check your indoor/outdoor thermometer to see if you need a coat, can wear a short- sleeve shirt, or short pants.

Today you have a lot of choices when buying an indoor/outdoor thermometer. Traditional thermometers are nice; wireless and digital is better. A patio thermometer, with its large face and numbers is easy to read from the kitchen window.

Patio thermometers today come with additional sensors, like humidity, heat index, wind chill, and hygrometer (used to measure relative humidity).

Thermometers can also add to décor. Attractive copper tube thermometers stand out with class. Of course, a simple plastic thermometer suction-cupped to the window reads temperature just as well. Cheap is okay, but when you can buy a really nice copper thermometer for $15 or a patio thermometer with all the extras for under $20, do you really need to go that cheap?

Quality thermometers are inexpensive, even for the high quality ones. Investing an extra $5 today can pay off with additional years of life to your indoor/outdoor thermometer. It is more economical to buy a durable thermometer that will last decades.

What did you pay for your indoor/outdoor thermometer?

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Where to Buy Your Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Online

Since indoor/outdoor thermometers cost so little, it is nice to have one on the patio, in the living room, and outside the kitchen and bedroom window.

You can go wireless, too. From anywhere in the house, you can have access to the temperature outside. Wireless thermometers are more weather station than just thermometers. You get more features with wireless, including digital readout to the tenth of a degree.

I placed a selection of indoor/outdoor thermometers from Amazon around this article. Every need is covered, from the most economical to the fancy.

Amazon is the best place to buy an indoor/outdoor thermometer online. Amazon’s trusted name, guarantee, return policy, and free shipping makes all the difference. You save gas and time when you do not have to run around town searching for the right indoor/outdoor thermometer at the best price.

Your Amazon order will arrive at your front door in a few days. You know you got the best price because resellers compete for the top spot in search results by offering the best price.

Buy your indoor/outdoor thermometer online today from Amazon. Buy one for the patio and the kitchen and bedroom window. Go wireless for real weather data. Indoor/outdoor thermometers also are the perfect gift that gives for years. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend. Amazon is the place to buy online, so do it today.


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