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Buying and Selling Hitler-The Nazi Collectibles

Updated on June 19, 2013

Adolph Hitler

Adolph Hitler may have departed this world, but due to the part he played in world history his presence on this earth will never be forgotten.Hitler is still written about in many books, and still visible in many war documentaries.

A quick search on ebay reveals to me there are over 12,000 items for sale related to the search Hitler.However this does not include any of Hitlers personal artefacts such as his cigarette case,personalised cutlery, spectacles and a Youth badge encrusted with diamonds.

The above items were withdrawn from a German auction house sale in October 2011 following severe objections from The European Jewish Congress led by president Moshe Kantor; stating that glorifying such items from this dark and sinister era would corrupt young Germans and Europeans about the Holocaust.

Who Wants To buy Into The Evil Hitler

Many enthusiasts collect war memorabilia, they have an interest in the soldier and their regiments role in the historic events of war. People are genuinely fascinated by the second world war and the Nazis. it was an important part of history and there are many of us who like to collect historical, as well as war memorabilia.

There are portraits of Hitler that have sold for thousands of pounds, and these are bought by art collectors, Adolf Hitlers own artwork and paintings are popular with art collectors.

First editions of Mien Kempf sell for a high price, and in 2009 a Russian collector paid nearly £5 million pounds for the Fuher's armour plated Mercedes Benz 770k. there are other cars from Hitlers regime parked at Moscow's museum of retro-automobiles.

The swastika and SS symbol are forbidden in Germany, but available elsewhere. There are tasteless and unscrupulous dealers who are selling replica cans of the deadly gas used in Nazi concentration camps.

Whatever the trade it seems there is a market for these somewhat unpleasant artefacts.

The Real Deal In Hitler Memorabilia

There are many websites and auction sites selling Nazi and Hitler artefact's, many claim they have authentic items, but just how genuine are these items?

There is plenty of interest from Hitler followers on the far right web pages. The controversial writer David Irving was reported to be selling The Fuhrer's walking stick,locks of hair and even bones. The website is now no longer in existence, but how credible are these artefact's.

People are selling badges and items of clothing,difficult to tell if these are plausible Nazi Memorabilia belonging to Hitler. Items have been stolen; will these end up on the black market.

The Munich auction houses obviously have interested buyers for these tainted goods.They will probably end up in the hands of a very few Third Reich political admirers and will never be available for public viewing.

Adolph Hitler For Sale

Of the many Internet auction sites, the most popular site ebay has many items for sale associated with the lifeof Adolph Hitler.

Many of these items are typical fare for collectors, articles for sale on this website include: stamps,photographs,newspapers,coins,postcards, books, posters and the DVD's of Mien Kempf and endless war documentaries.

All this could just easily be WWII collectibles, but add the word Hitler to the description and these artefact's suddenly become more enthralling,curious and attractive.

Despite the public outcry and damming glorification of the more personal Nazi artefact's.It seems that for many they are too much of a reminder of the Nazi regimes vile and brutal impact on our history.However it still apparent that there the few who want to get their hands on the more tainted memorabilia will ensure the fascination and intrigue associated with Adolph Hitler will be everlasting .


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