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Buying Red Wiggler Worms wholesale on the internet

Updated on May 12, 2017
Composting Worms in a Worm Bin
Composting Worms in a Worm Bin | Source

Live worms for composting can be bought in a few local markets (but these shops aren’t always as easy to locate). But if you’re looking for other convenient options, you may consider buying red wiggler worms wholesale via the world wide web.

The internet actually houses a large database of different kinds of reputable worm suppliers. So choosing from a wide selection of worm farm sites that offer great deals on their worms could be for your easy picking.

Determine why you want to buy red worms in bulk

There are several reasons that may help establish every composters reason for buying red wigglers wholesale. Red wiggler worms are great composting worms, that’s why they’ve always been favored when it comes to vermicomposting. Other than that, red wigglers have also been considered as a great bait for fish. So you can just imagine the demand for these crawlers, especially from fishermen. Besides using them as potential fish bait (can also be used as live food for exotic pets), red wigglers can also be sold to other kinds of dealers (such as commercial breeders who might have the need for more worms to breed and raise). So you see, the use for these worms can go for more ways than one (they are that versatile to have).

Where to order a lot of worms
Where to order a lot of worms

Where to get your red wiggler worms

Now that you already know how extensive the use for these red wiggler worms can be, settle on which worm farm site to buy from. It’s best that you select the ones that cater to your specific needs, and then go from there. For your final pick, make sure that it is one that can be trusted. You can’t risk buying compost worms wholesale from unreliable merchants. Get your money’s worth. Buying from a site that has a customer care support number would be a very good candidate to buy from.

Careful considerations before buying your worms in bulk

Buy from an establishment that has had good reviews or feedbacks from previous customers. Also consider checking their shipping rates (if it’s even affordable), packaging that are in breathable containers (check if you worms will be securely packed without them getting stressed out during transit), and schedules (suppliers usually ship live worms within 2-3 days) to help ensure the safe delivery of your worms.

Know the seller of your red wiggler worms

The best advice that you can get when buying red wiggler worms wholesale is to know if the seller is raising and breeding their very own worms. Those who are actually hands down with the rearing part will be able to tell their customers how healthy the worms are, and how they’re of high-quality. Make sure that what you see from the website is accurate as soon as you get your package (check if you received excellent worms). Those who care for their own worms will know what they’re actually selling.

Want to start a vermicomposting project? With 5,000 Red Wigglers, you can! 5,000 Red Wiggler worm can help jumpstart a recycling venture or even a small business on the side. By purchasing your stock today, not only will you be receiving live worms, you’ll also get these insect/mite free! Get yours today along with its other great features!


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    • frankwiggler profile image

      frankwiggler 5 years ago from Spring Grove, PA

      Thanks! you can view my other hubs here- see if you like them :)

    • Ez-Biz profile image

      Ez-Biz 5 years ago from Utah

      I am just looking into the whole red worm thing for composting. your information look good!