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Byte Sized Internet, Economics, and Life Logic

Updated on January 18, 2018

Introduction and Purpose

My name is Gerald and I came up with this idea to arm all of you who stumble upon my Hub with some of the most important and invaluable knowledge needed to safely and wisely do the handy, common things while surfing and exploring the "World Wide Web" plus other helpful tidbits to absorb for life, and I want to thank you all immensely for taking the time to read and hopefully utilize this well thought out information.

Beware!! of Hackers and Identity Thieves

(1.) Always keep in mind that HACKERS (highly-skilled ones who gain access into systems to steal, change, or destroy information with monetary $$ gain as their top goal) have a savvy skill set along with "astonishing" patience to decipher and break Codes, Passwords, Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Information, and even Bank Account Information so stay armed and secure at all times and only trust and do business with sources and services that fully document completely guaranteed reimbursements in case of a breach.

Limiting Credit Card Usage is Actually Sound

(2.) Recent financial data breaches should fortify the notion of being as limited as possible in using credit cards even though they've been ultra handy and commonly used for years.

The Notion of Identity Theft Protection

(3.) If you must use an Identity Theft Protection Service have the skill of a surgeon and do complete and thorough research into each potential until you pinpoint the cream of the crop which will be you're selection. For example *LifeLock is of these services.

Great or Good Credit Scores Can Prevent Credit Card Usage

(4.) Once a Great or even Good Credit Score is obtained start feverishly limiting using your Credit Cards unless you have a 0.0% Annual Percentage Rate, and stop exploding the cash pockets of these credit card companies who are in real essence Legalized Loan Sharks with Ever-Changing "Fine Print" Annual Percentage Rates that keep you in debt because of the very common and convenient thinking that you can not do without subconsciously, ** which you can.

Traveler's Checks - A Forgotten Commodity

(5.) Traveler's Checks are a Great Alternative to hard cash with promissory refund properties if lost or stolen here at home and most especially abroad on foreign soil, and they're a great way to conduct all financial business without having the burden of large cash sums that can not be replaced if lost or stolen.

Insurance Research

(6.) The best, most affordable, and most effective common insurance for everything in life from home, life, medical, and car requires diligent and sound research, patience, and prudence. Plus, "reading between the lines" and all lines on all potential insurance policies to ensure that your specifics of coverage are clearly detailed and documented if or when you have to place a claim on said policy because insurance companies, let's be frank, are in it to make a profit and will pull the rug from under you if their documentation confirms their position, and they will say it's not personal and please forgive them with tears in their eyes.

Online Buying Information With No Fee Prepaid Cards

(7.) When searching for items to buy online use legitimate company verifiers such as Consumer Reports, the Better Business Bureau, and other "pros and cons" reviewers, plus take the additional patient time to go through ALL of the "customer testimonials" most especially for big cash buys because this homework will save you from severe migraine headaches after you purchase an item or items from the internet using these steps. Plus, "No Fee Pre-Paid Cards" of whatever medium you prefer is the most brilliant and intelligent method of buying goods to avoid "Identity Theft" and financial information paranoia, but only use the most reputable (good reputation) and trusted ones from (Debit to Gift) that you have researched and pinpointed to be your final go-to SOLID sources for payments online after their pros, cons and performances have been checked.

E-Mail Address Secrecy and Security

(8.) STOP giving your E-mail address out so readily and quickly because many companies and services, even so-called reputable ones sell your E-mail address for profit to a host of "Phishing, Scamming, and Spamming" artists hoping to trick and lure you into opening your purse or wallet with their lies, deceit, and greed. So to counter this have several E-mail accounts to catch this garbage to delete from your Spam Folder or move there to erase, and NEVER give out your MAIN E-mail address unless you're already very sure or have had good quality, proven relationships with said sources that you trust not to sell you out.


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      viking7 5 months ago

      I will have to make time to explore potential angles of making some revenue from this excellent hub because it's somewhat short but extremely powerful in helpful knowledge and advice.

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      viking7 16 months ago

      I'm trying to decide what method I should employ to attract visitors to this hub that will eventually accrue revenue.