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Updated on April 17, 2015


A school known as the trail blazers of academic success, and small town-big dream city; the La Vega Elementary Pirates in Bellmead, Texas are ready for the STAAR test being administered on Tuesday & Wed (April 21st and 22nd). La Vega Elementary celebrated the coming of the STAAR test on today, (April 17, 2015). Like a bank, La Vega Elementary students were showered with words of value and encouragement from administrators and teachers with an event I coin as a “One Moment in Time Experience.”

As the 250 plus 3rd graders filled the cafeteria, they were greeted by administrators, teachers and some community leaders. When the occasion of encouragement began, Ms. Stewart (Principal) took to the microphone to tell the students that she was proud and offered encouraging words for next weeks test administration. Next, the baton was passed to an awesome instructional coach whom I know as Ms. Denmark. Ms. Denmark, who is the guru of motivational messages and instruction, described and allowed students to view important motivational clips from a theme movie entitled, “Facing the Giant!” The movie, “Facing the Giant,” is a hit movie on the LVE campus with the message of, “Never Give Up!” All students were inspired and actively engaged as they watched football players try to win a hard victory. Many of the students were laughing throughout the movie or watching curiously to see what would happen next. When the movie was over, the main message chanted by the students was, “Never Give Up!”

Coming to the center stage was Dr. Patterson who offered words of encouragement and reminded the students to use innovative strategies for learning that they were familiar with all school year. Once the instructional piece was over, Ms. Hunter blazed the stage with her original, hot new hit, “Catch that Star!” With zest and zeal, Ms. Hunter chanted proudly that the students should catch that star. As the chant concluded, all the teachers and staff present threw a star so each child could really catch that star! Finally, the STAAR affair was followed by the La Vega Elementary A-Team (Administrators) who performed a dance routine to motivate the students. (Please see the video below).With a fun-filled morning, the 3rd graders were back to work to catch that star on next week!


I would like to thank Pastor Lawrence E. Scott, Sr, Wife and children (Pastor of New Branch Worship Center, Waco, Texas) for their support and providing that good rock and roll sound with the guitar.

As an administrator of the La Vega Elementary students, I greatly appreciate serving the children in any capacity. I believe that each one of our students can be successful and it starts with parents, schools and community leaders. On behalf of the ministry, talk show and the words flowing, I wish each 3rd grader at LVE blessings and great scores. I also want to wish all test takers blessings and great scores.

Tips for Success:

Pray for your children

Have your child/children go to bed before 9:00pm CST

Eat a good breakfast (Home/School)-Sugars are not recommended. (Peanut butter is great for thinking)

Please make sure students are fully present (21st and 22nd)

Please remind ALL students to be on their best behavior

Encourage students to do their personal best


Show your work

Process of elimination

Some tests are 4 hours and some are all day (use your time wisely)

IMPORTANT-These tests determine future progress (Good for placement, college etc)

Dr. Alfreda Emonya Love

Media Writer/




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