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Updated on April 9, 2010


Elementary classrooms are equipped with combination desks for pupils, a table and chair for the teacher, and several cabinet for books. Each classroom has from two to four chalkboards, a bulletin board, portrait of the president of the Philippines or a national hero or any local scenes which are used in decorating the rooms. Perception strips placed above the chalkboards and curtains for chalkboards are considered standard equipment.

The secondary classrooms are equipped with table arm­chairs instead of double desks. They are also provided with four (4) or more chalkboards and a bulletin board. Laboratory rooms are provided with work tables and stools or benches for seats. These rooms are also well-provided with shelves and lockers for the laboratory equipment and preserved specimens.

Some classrooms for Grade I are equipped with small tables and chairs instead of double desks.

All seats and desks are adjusted to the pupils' height. The height of chalkboards and pictures from the floor are also adjusted to the pupils' eye-level when seated.

Teachers and pupils are required to keep their class­rooms clean, well-lighted and ventilated, and pleasantly decorated.

A wholesome physical environment of the school and the classroom includes the following:

1.      Attractive scheme of interior decoration

2.      Provisions for adequate lighting and ventilation

3.      Well-adjusted comfortable seating arrangement

4.     Work facilities for construction and creative work

5.      A safe water supply and adequate toilet facilities

6.      General cleanliness and orderliness

7.      Safety provisions and fire protection

The school probably has numerous services and facilities of real value to the well-being of youth. The following ques­tions may help you gain a greater understanding of the school in which you teach.


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