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Climate Change the Paradox of Our Times

Updated on October 12, 2019
niya shah profile image

niya is a mPhil student currently completing her studies who loves to write aimlessly through the consent of her mind.

what our next generation will see....yes its climate change
what our next generation will see....yes its climate change

Our Climate Requires as Much Attention as Our Economy

Any change in the climate pattern and weather conditions of an area whether its natural or unnatural refers to as climate change. This change can be a normal part of the evolving environment, something that happens with time, or can be man made, that one is a point of concern for us, as its outcomes can be seen in the form of global warming resulting from excessive emissions of green house gases via green house effect. Climate change defines the climatic conditions of an area that changes or has diverted from its normal. Something that has shifted from normal to a more aggressive or unusual state. Though it can't be stated as unusual as because of the fact that nothing is unnatural its just the way nature responds to a sudden change which to us seems to be the odd one. Its the way the nature balances the situation for us. We are the problem creators and so are we witnessing it calling it to be unrealistic unnatural phenomena. Anthropogenic causes are the one behind all this upheaval. The delicate balance of the ecosystem where we live in requires to be preserved and protected in its former state. Due to humanistic activities this delicate balance is disturbed and being disturbed making it an unending process unless we address to it. We do the wrong part but what the nature does is the result of our activities. It tries to bring back the things to normal state. This is where the hard part arrives.In order to bring back things to normal, nature recourse to extreme measures resulting in strong hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, heat waves and many more. This is kind of a cause and effect theory. We cause the trouble that results into all this flip-flop in nature. We cannot deny the fact that everything has its repercussions to follow so is with climate. Our climate is as fragile as every bit of our economy, ourselves and our lives. We through unsustainable development, misuse of natural resources . shaping our climate to change. Human activities like fossil fuel burning, co2 emissions is making the environment warm enough to be unable to maintain life and respond properly in the basic natural way. We have forcefully made it to change. now our summers has became more hotter than before. Our fuel reserves are depleting, our snow cover is melting and so are the increased rainfall, storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, heatwaves, droughts increasing.

Alaska ice melt at a rapid pace
Alaska ice melt at a rapid pace

Considering all these can we still say that climate change is a joke or is a matter of time that someday everything will be back to normal. Are we that much of ignorant that we don't even belief in our eyes and denying whats in front of us, whats happening on every day basis. Its not something that's impacting only a tiny bit fraction of a population rather its impacting whole of the globe. So its better to consider the fact now rather than being late to act in future. What we are experiencing is not that worse than what our future generations will be experiencing. We cut the trees, we have half finished our oil and gas reserves but still we say that everything will go on the same nothing will happen and this climate change is just a false alarm. We cannot deny the fact that we are contributing to it. Everything works in balance. Its the law of nature when the balance is disturbed it will have its negative consequences no matter how much we avoid it. When we are doing it we will receive it. Its not that you will be torturing nature and it will remain silent. Our nature has become much more aggressive in the present than it was in the past and the consequences will be much more drastic in the future that is yet to come. All this demands from us to think wisely and believe in our eyes. We must consider the fact that our survival depends upon our natural environment if its disturbed our existence will be at threat. For those who consider that it will pass on and is just a matter of some time as has happened before, I would like to answer it as OK its passing by but its affecting us, the fact that its causing damage to us cannot be denied, so for us it is the negative consequence and it is indeed the very CLIMATE CHANGE.

excessive heat is building up, we have witnessed it in Karachi, Pakistan though...
excessive heat is building up, we have witnessed it in Karachi, Pakistan though...


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