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Calling All Women! Our Time Is Now

Updated on August 26, 2018

We are alive in what is called the Age of Aquarius. It is said that this is an age of great turmoil in order to make room for new values of love, brother/sisterhood, unity and integrity. It is a time of choice, according to astrologers, to cling to outdated values or to adopt new and evolving ones.

Aquarius ushers in feminine energy, re-balancing, if you will, the collective unconscious. In whatever way we want to look at it, our time is now. What is most important is that we understand what is happening and use our feminine force correctly. In other words, what must we do in order to manifest the change that we want? Because the fact is that this transformation from global chaos to harmony will happen regardless of which direction we choose.

We women are learning how to make our voices heard.

The “Me Too” movement created in a very short time a culture shift. And what about Emma Gonzalez, the tiny and sassy Florida student who inspired a movement that swept the nation, inspired hundreds of thousands of students to join her protest, and actually resulted in a legislative change in her state. More women are running for office than ever before and the values they bring are about cooperation and collaboration, not competition and conquering. These women are our role models for courage and conviction.

Historically, the cultural response when women protest is that male energy immediately responds with widespread efforts to discount us or silence us. Remember Anita Hill? We need a new tactic—extending a unifying thread among us all. We are called upon to strengthen our heart connections and together to engage in serious scrutiny and calculation about how to proceed. We are being called on to be for something and against nothing. And this begins with our inner work, to create within ourselves, individually and collectively, a unified vision of the change we are aiming toward.

Here’s what Isaac Newton discovered: For every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. So if inside we are angry and seeking revenge our actions will provoke men and ignite male fury. And what calms their wrath? Explaining to them what has to be done, because we know that it is true that “behind every great man there is a great woman.”

How do we do the telling?

First we internalize the goal. Gun legislation is a worthy objective, as are subduing male dominance or demanding political change. The ultimate goal, however, is the thing we hold inside ourselves as a vision of a changed world. This ideal arises from a higher place within, the part of us that is integrally in tune with the system of nature. It is the craving for a world in alignment with the qualities nature reveals to us—interdependence, altruism, balance, interconnection and harmony.

That vision is unity. Unity here does not mean linking arms when we march or gathering to launch a movement. The unity of the new world is an inner state, a new reality that we as yet have no idea about. It is new matter that we haven’t sensed before and that has the properties of nature. When we become included in this matter and live in it, we start revealing a different, new dimension as if finding ourselves on a different planet. We reveal this dimension within the properties of this matter by aiming every action toward the common good. This is the manifestation of our feminine nature—care and concern for others—to its maximum expression.

Then, with this dream of a world that works for everyone blazing in our consciousness, we use our innate feminine attributes to the fullest. We are carriers of life itself, the ones who guide our families toward integrity, the ones who organize and manage things. In essence, we are the ones who care for the others—men and children. And of acute importance is that we are the educators.

We educate out of our collective inner vision.

When we march, it is to educate about an issue. When we lobby for legislation, we educate about what the people want. When we run for office, it is to educate about the correct role of an elected official. Any action we take becomes aimed at educating how to live by and manifest nature’s laws. And most of all, our driving passion is to do all of this not for ourselves, but for all of humanity. It is our nature to care for others with firm conviction and gentle guidance.

Male energy has created a force that we can call One Man—an overriding environment of aggression and dominance. When we become united with each other in the pursuit of peace, we become One Woman, that force that stands behind men and lovingly explains to them what to do.


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