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Can I Survive A Shark Attack by Punching It?

Updated on May 1, 2013

Great White Shark!


The Shark Rider


Surfer Survives Shark Attack

In recent news, a surfer in California was pulled underwater by a great white shark. The surfer survived this attack by punching the shark in the head until it let go. Read more about it here.

Is surviving a shark attack as simple as just punching it in the head?

Probably not.

This may not be as simple as it sounds. The great white shark has between 48-50 front teeth at any one time. 22-24 on the top, and 24-26 on the bottom of the jaw. If a shark loses a tooth, there are rows of teeth behind it to replace each lost tooth.

If the shark opens its mouth as you are punching it, it would be similar to running your fish along the blade of a saw.

Disclaimer: Hubpages author Zeke2100 does not endorse Shark Riding at the risk of losing life or limb.

A Fist to the Face Is Effective


Tips to Stay Alive in Shark-infested Waters

  1. Do not thrash about wildly like an injured fish.
  2. Don't swim where chum (shark bait) has been used.
  3. Watch for shark fins above the water, and accompanying Jaws theme song.
  4. *Wear fishnet stockings. Sharks fear both fishing nets and dental floss.
  5. Use a shark cage.
  6. Try to stay above the water (if a float is available).
  7. If attacked, punch that sucker in the nose/head repeatedly.
  8. Immediately get to shore if there is any indication of sharks.

*Tip #4 has not been tested, and cannot be verified as a fool-proof method to avoid a shark encounter.

Shark Attack Statistics

In 2011, 17 out of 118 recorded shark attacks worldwide were fatal.

Wikipedia says that an average of 100 shark attacks are reported each year.

The U.S. location with the most recorded attacks is: New Smyrna Beach, Florida.


Entry: Shark attack.

A Fist to the Face Not Recommended by Zoologist

While the above story is phenomenal, it is not typical.

R. Aiden Martin is a professional zoologist and direct of the Reefquest Center for Shark Research in British Columbia. He says, "If you miss the snout its mouth is unfortunately very close by."

Thank you, R. Aiden Martin, for stating the obvious. But when you have a shark nibbling on your toes, adrenaline may kick in. I guarantee that you will do whatever it takes to get free, and if that includes punching a shark in its head, by all means -- take a swing at it!

Sharks do not like being punched.

Do you like being punched?

Sharks may have big, pointy teeth, but they don't enjoy when sea animals and humans fight back. The only way you are going to survive a shark attack is if you make the shark understand that you are not going down without a fight.

Punch it. Kick it. Poke it in its beady little eyes. Do whatever you can to make it release you.

You can sit there and be fish food to the Great White Shark or you can fight back on behalf of the human race.

A Shark Biting the Anchor

The anchor was a little heavy with a shark on the line
The anchor was a little heavy with a shark on the line | Source

Let Me Sum It Up

While it is not recommended to punch a shark in its face, it may come down to that when you are being dined on.

Stay calm and reach for your harpoon spear gun if you feel jagged teeth sinking into your flesh during a shark attack. Aim for the beady eyes and blast that sucker.

Yeee haw!

Now if you enjoyed that a little too much, don't forget to go to the hospital, because you are probably still bleeding.

ABC News: Great White Shark Secrets Revealed


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