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Is There Possible Way in the Universe that Humans can Travel Faster than the Speed of Light?

Updated on September 13, 2011
Do You Dare Brave the Abyss?
Do You Dare Brave the Abyss?

Warp Speed, Hyper Speed. To infinity and beyond. You have heard it all before. But as of now the fastest thing in the universe is light, traveling at a whopping 299,792,584 meters (186,00 miles) per second. Thats 1,079 million kilometers (671 million miles) per hour. Light is so fast, that if one were to travel at the speed of light, theoretically, time around you would slow down, causing time outside your "time bubble" to go by much faster, at least from your viewpoint. 

But before your jaw drops, consider this: Scientists estimate that the universe is about 90 billion light years across, and is still expanding. We can only esitmate because we can only observe light about 14 billion light years away, do to our cosmic "horizon." Anyways, this means that it would take like approximately 90+ billion years to travel across the universe. If your a space buff or really if you have any curiosity on the fate of mankind you have to consider that humans will eventually leave Earth to explore and colonize the universe. If humanity is do to this, we will either have to invent some kind of suspended animation, fold the universe (wormholes) so that we can "jump" through space, or travel faster than time itself.


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    • Richard Fernandez profile image

      Richard Fernandez 6 years ago from Detroit, MI

      YES! According to the current M-theory, wormholes do exist! Physicists do not yet know if they are stable, but the consensus is that wormholes could not only allow humans to "jump" into deep space, but potentially allow humans to travel into parallel universes.

    • andur92 profile image

      andur92 6 years ago from India

      Yes I agree with HSanAlim, Wormhole is the only answer to the question. Otherwise, Speed of Light is the ultimate speed and cannot be beaten.

    • HSanAlim profile image

      HSanAlim 6 years ago from Indonesia

      Current scientific thinking is that the only way to make a trip from point a to point b faster than the speed of light would be through a worm hole. That's because if you went straight line from A to B the closer you got to the speed of light the heavier you get. The heavier you get the more fuel you need so you never can or will reach the speed of light.

      By using a wormhole it's like taking a tunnel thereby short cuting the distance of the linear trip. You never travel the full A to B distance directly but you get there.