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Carbon Neutral Buildings

Updated on May 15, 2011


    Building itself has been designed to be an exhibit of green-ness.

    The overall message of the building is about life, how we got here, the marvellous diversity of life and its preciousness.

    On the whole the building is a green exhibit about these topics.

    The Academy is home to exhibits like:

§  Steinhart Aquarium

§  Morrison Planetarium

§  Kimball Natural History Museum

§  Naturalist Centre

§  Four Story Rainforest

    As well as normal workplace duties the staff at The Academy are involved in such activities as:

§  Caring for animals

§  Expeditions

§  Lectures

§  Research


  The Californian Academy of Sciences is located at:

§  55 Music Concourse Dr. Golden Gate Park San Francisco CA


  The Californian Academy of Sciences is one of the tenth largest museums of natural history in the world.

  Newest in America

  It began in 1853 as a learned society and still carries out a lot of research.

  Designed by architect Renzo Piano

  Has been dubbed by many as

§ “Blazingly uncynical embrace of the enlightment values of truth and reason”.

§ “Comforting reminder of the civilising function of great art in a barbaric age”.

Components and Processes that make it up

    Made up of environmentally friendly components.

    These helped The Academy receive a LEED Platinum environmental rating, the highest ever given out.

    Incorporates such systems as rainwater, natural light, solar power, green roof and recycled material from sources like the old museum and normal everyday items.

The Waste (solid and wastewater) Disposal

    By absorbing rainwater The Academy’s new living green roof will absorb around 8 million liters of run off carrying pollutants into the ecosystems each year.

    Reclaimed water from the San Francisco community is used to flush toilets.

    Saltwater piped directly from the ocean is used in the aquarium.

    All of these processes put together means that there is very little wastewater to dispose of.

Normal garbage collection systems in place.


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