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Casio FX 115

Updated on June 2, 2010

Review of the Casio FX 115

The best thing about the Casio FX 115 is the simplicity of use. It makes some complex mathematical problems a joy as so many commands are programmed in to be performed with a single key. There are 279 of these functions to be exact. These functions include crazy statistics, computer science, fractions, and much more. The FX 115 even has some great engineering calculations built into it.

The display is perfect. It uses a feature that it calls VPAM. What is VPAM you ask? Well, Visually Perfect Algebraic Method. I'm not sure about the "perfect" portion of the braggadocio acronym, but it is a really great display. It has a nice 10-digit display on two lines.

The calculator itself has a slide-on hard case. It is solor powered as well, although you can put in batteries if you have lost all trust in the sun. It has six constant memories and one independent memory. There are forty metric conversions on the FX 115. Overall, it does a lot of stuff for the money. What more could you ask for than a perfect display and 300 funcitons?

Which Classes and Exams Demand the Casio FX 115

 The Casio X 115 is ideal for several college and high school classes. It does great for statistics, geometry, and trigonometry. Besides math, it helps for biology, chemistry, and actually does better than most for engineering classes.

The calculator can help you get prepared for your major exams too. Any AP math or science classes require a calculator of this caliber, and just studying for the AP exams demand it. SAT preparation is made easier also with the Casio FX 115.

Reset Trick

 Want to Reset your Casio FX 115? I found a simpy trick for doing just that: Shift CLR 2 (mode) =


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