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Food Safety and Cell Lysing - Water Technology Updates

Updated on March 27, 2015

If cell lysing is a new word to you, join the club. Until I entered the field of ozonated water, I had never heard of this term before. Why do we care about this term? For a number of reasons as detailed below but just to get you started cell lysing is the most powerful method of destroying bacteria. Yes, it will kill indiscriminately. Meaning it will kill bad bacteria in addition to good bacteria. Cell lysing is found in ozone. And no ozone is not bad per se. We must understand ozone and how it works and how we have worked along with ozone over the last 120 years. We must understand how we measure ozone and most importantly why we measure ozone. Once we know these scientific facts, the fact that every human being needs to understand cell lysing will be made clear. Understanding this scientific fact may be beyond the reach of some. Understanding this scientific finding may be too big of a hurdle for the casual reader. In the meantime, let the studious begin this important chapter in a natural method to kill bacteria - Mother Nature's method of killing bacteria. Learn what cell lysing means and how it can help mankind - if understood and if controlled.

Cell lysing is the destruction of a cell by rupturing the cell walls.

Why do we care? Because it can kill bacteria without harmful chemicals.

The process by which ozone destroys harmful bacteria is through cell lysing.

Ozone is 3 atoms of oxygen bound together instead of the normal 2 (oxygen is 2 atoms, ozone is an allotrope of oxygen with 3 atoms).

Ozone destroys algae, viruses, bacteria, and fungi on from the inside out - through a biological process called cell lysing.

Ozone kills microorganisms by rupturing their cell walls.

Lysis (lysis from lyein = to separate) refers to the breaking down of a cell, often by viral, enzymic or osmotic mechanisms that compromise the integrity of the cell wall. Wikipedia on Bing

lysing - definition of lysing by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus ...

"To undergo or cause to undergo lysis. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications"

· lysing - definition of lysing in the Medical dictionary - by the Free Dictionary by Farlex...

"lyse 1. to cause or produce disintegration of a compound, substance, or cell. 2. to undergo lysis. lyse or lyze. To undergo or cause to undergo lysis."

Diagram of Cell Lysing

colorful photo of cell lysing and the action that causes the cell destruction from the inside out
colorful photo of cell lysing and the action that causes the cell destruction from the inside out

Cell Lysis

Why You Should Use Natural Products? Ozone is Good

Advantage 03 Ozone Generator with Computer Technology

Advantage 03 POU Ozone Generator with computer technology to deliver pure, filtered water and sanitize food
Advantage 03 POU Ozone Generator with computer technology to deliver pure, filtered water and sanitize food | Source

Living Healthy - Living Germ Free

We have learned that what we cannot see can contain harmful bacteria that can kill us. We have learned Mother Nature's method of killing even the most stubborn bacteria such as MRSA is through ozone. With new knowledge of science, combined with new computer technology ozone is now available for home use and offers purified drinking water and a food sanitizer for our fruits and vegetables.

Health is not through a pill. And while some of us may have to take medicine, the very best medicine is learning about our health and living in a healthy manner with exercise and a colorful plate of food that is rich in nutrients and vitamins but that is also bacteria free.

Ozone was once hated by the medical field because they new the power and they knew they did not have the technology to effectively control it. Learning about cell lysing, learning about the power of ozone, understanding if ozone is harnessed and used appropriately has the power to change our personal health and the health of families. Children and the elderly are particularly at risk. Adding an ozone machine with purified water to every day care and place of senior care is an inexpensive item that we can do today to improve our health. We can improve our health in the same manner Mother Nature cares for her creation if we learn the science behind cell lysing and the proper power of ozone.

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Photo of cell lysis courtesy of:

© 2010 Kelly Kline Burnett


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