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Three Things You Need To Know About A Chain Saw Sharpener

Updated on August 27, 2013

When it comes to a chain saw sharpener, this is what every amateur logger needs to know.  

A dull chain saw blade is a dangerous one.  

Anyone who picks up a chainsaw needs to be familiar with the warning signs indicating that the chain saw blade is dangerously dull.  But, it does no good to sharpen the blade, if it is not done properly.  Fortunately, there are a number of options to restore the utility of your chain saw blade.  

Read further to learn how you can spot dangerously dull chain saws as well as how to properly and safely use a chainsaw sharpener.

How To Spot A Dull Chain Saw Blade

Unless you are an experienced chain saw user, you probably do not know how to tell when your chainsaw blade needs sharpening.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to spot a dull blade.  

When the blade is sharp, you will find that the saw pulls itself through the cut and produced small square shaped wood chips.  If the blade is dull, you will have to continue to apply pressure to get the chain saw to cut and the saw will produce a fine sawdust instead of small chips.  Lastly, if the blade looks shiny, it is time to sharpen.  But it does not stop there.  

Cutting with a dull chainsaw can be hazardous to your health.

Cutting With A Dull Chain Saw Sucks (And Is Dangerous Too!!)

First of all, when you continue to use a dull chainsaw, you cause unnecessary wear and tear on the powerhead, chain, sprocket and guide bar.  

In fact, most guide bar failures can be attributed to a dull blade.

So, the pennies you save by not sharpening the blade often can cause expensive repairs later one.  But, the most important reason not to use a dull chainsaw is that it is dangerous!!!  

Dull chain saws cause operator fatigue.  Fatigue leads to misjudgment and operator error.  Operator error leads to death or serious bodily injury.  

All the more reason to sharpen your chain saw blade properly and often.

Chain Saw Sharpeners: What Are Your Options?

Chainsaw sharpeners come in a multitude of designs and prices.  

You can find the simple round files used to sharpen chain saws at almost any hardware store.  If you want to spend a few dollars more, you can choose a sharpening system with a hand held guide or one that mounts onto the bar of the chainsaw. 

If money is no object, you can buy one of the fancy electric bench mounted chain saw sharpeners that you find in professional saw shops.  

Of course, if you are not interested in sharpening the blade yourself, simply take it to a saw shop and have it professionally sharpened.

Chain Saw Sharpening: No Excuse For A Dull Blade

Now do you see what I mean about the importance of a sharp chain saw blade?  

Most amateurs simple are not aware that having a sharp chain saw blade is so important.  But, now you can spot a dull blade and prevent damage to your equipment.  More importantly, you can avoid operator errors that often accompany pushing a dull chainsaw just a little too far.  

With all of the options available to keep your blade sharp, it is hard to find an excuse to persist cutting once the blade is dull.  So, the next time you are cutting with your chain saw, you will remember to be on the look out for a dull blade.  

Remember, it is the sharp tool that gets the job done.

How To Use A Mechanical Chainsaw Sharpener


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