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“Character Education” the missing ingredient to our educational system

Updated on January 14, 2018

It is admitted that humanity reached a sophisticated levels in term of teaching and conveying knowledge through developing unique teaching method, offering the best training programs to teacher, and providing resourceful curricula. However, a very vital point is being taken for granted which makes us pay a lot, it is “Ethics education”

What is “Character Education” ?

“Character Education” is a concept of integrating good virtues and morals in our syllabus, it is incorporating values to students learning. Virtues like honesty, fairness, fidelity, and gratitude are the pure seeds that should be planted to people in a young age in order to form an intact personality in a later age.

according to Professor James Arthur , it is how character education can be considered an umbrella term for all explicit and implicit educational activities that help young people develop positive personal strengths – which might be called virtues. Implicit educational activities might be those that result because of how an educational learning space has been set up – the values espoused by the ethos and culture. In contrast an explicit activity might be a lesson dedicated to the virtues. In combination, Professor James Arthur believes that it might be said that character virtues can be both taught and caught.

Why we need “Character Education” in our schools?

Let’s face it, a serious number of schools became unsafe environment for education. Students are being bullied by either irresponsible teachers or other students, even teachers get humiliated and harassed by their student which is a very serious situation.

In a poll carried out by Populus, in Britain, 87% of parents agreed that schools should focus on character development and academic study, not simply academic study alone; 84% of parents also agreed that teachers should encourage good morals and values in students.

Students - Student bullying

Bullying classmates became a serious fact . A good instance is Keaton Jones who was bullied and humiliated by his classmates because Keaton looks different. Another example is Drew Breton, an ordinary kid who was physically assaulted by his classmates. It’s not about disabled abuse, it’s about the idea in the kids minds that says: I can bully and humiliate other boys because I CAN”, something like the jungle rules.

I have a strong belief if those kids absorbed good values in their early education, I’m sure the picture would be much different from what we see nowadays, kids must grasp the idea of: i can’t bully and humiliate these boys because it is NOT RIGHT”

Teacher - Student bullying

Another issue which is not proper scene in our schools is teacher harassment towards students, this phenomena has many reasons one of them is discrimination because of looks, race, or beliefs. Two good examples that illustrate this point of view. The first is Julio situation when his teacher took advantage of his disability and abused him verbally. The second is when an islamophobe teacher physically abused a Muslim student and ripped her Hijab off.

Those acts are very dangerous to the system of education. They build a negative experience to students who could leave education in early stages and, consequently, become a failure in society or a burden on the state.

Student - Teacher bullying

In the third and last case of bullying, teachers are the victims. By looking at the example of a substitute teacher who were bullied by some irresponsible students. Because of her peaceful nature, students took her class for granted, turned her class into a circus, they even intimidated her.

Unfortunately, the responsible for this in class mess is the school directory board themselves, because these students couldn't act like this if they knew there are consequences.

“Character Education” is the key

There is a big belief inside me that enforcing “Character Education” in school would solve a lot of issues like mentioned above. What the point of building a good doctor, good lawyer, good politician, good real estate agent, or a good architect if they take advantage of their jobs and do unethical stuff for money or for promotion for instance.

Jubilee center is one of the good foundations that fights so hard to make Character Education a fact in our schools. They provide free courses they make partnerships with universities and associations, and publish valuable books related to enforcing values in education. All we need is to make similar initiatives for a brighter future to our kids.


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