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Charles Agustus Lindbergh

Updated on May 29, 2013

Charles Augustus Lindbergh


Charles Augustus Lindbergh, an american pilot, was the first man to fly over the Atlantic Ocean. Lindbergh was born in Detroit, Michigan, as a son of a self-made, middle class man. Besides being an outstanding and actually the best pilot of his time, he was a quite good writer. His most famous rememberencies and diaries include The Spirit of St. Louis, the Wartime Jounals, the We, and the Autobiography of Values. The Lindberghs always said the truth and were unable to lie. Because of this the Lindbergh father was elected to the Parlaiment. Charles hated reporters and the press. He was depressed a lot of time, because he couldn't get rid of the riporters and wanted to disturb his private life. Also because it sometimes wrote thing about him that were not true or had very little, basic facts in it.

Charles August Lindbergh, Sr., was born in Sweden. His original name was Ola Mansson. Although there are several explanations for why he had changed his name, the real reason is not known for sure. One such explanation is that there were already too many Manssons in Sweden. He had worked himself from peasantry all the way up to the land owning middle class. He was respected and trusted so much that at his age of thirty-nine he was elected to the Parlaiment. Also, he served as a secretary for a while, under the "Crown Prince, Charles Augustus". Because his first wife died, he left the Parlaiment. When he did that, his collegues gave him money to show him how much they had admired him. After retiring, the fifty-two-year old man, accompanied by his wife who was

twenty and by his little, only son, Charles who was only one year old, moved out into the wilderness of Minnesota and settled there. Near Sauk Center, Melrose, Minnesota he had some plot of ground plowed and built a wonderful house there. The Lindbergh land was called "Little Falls".

Lindergh's mother, Evangeline Land, was an english lady from the industrialized part of Detroit. Evangeline Land loved her mother and and always kept in tuch with her through letters. She told her that she was in love with "the widower".

The couple had many children, but, just like Charles, were their own very early. For example, at the age of six, Charles was already owning a gun which he use for hunting. Also he started to drive a car when he was only thirteen years old. His parents, especially his father raised him to be a very self-reliant person.

Lindbergh hated school from the bottom of his heart. In fact, during his first year at the University of Wisconsin (he wrote in one of his memories that he chose that particular university "probably more because of its nearby lakes than bacause of its high engineering standards") he made very low grades which made his mother very sad since she was a science teacher at the local highschool. During the first semester next year his grades went even lower. Below is his record:

Machine Design 1..................................................Failure

Mathematics 52......................................................Failure

Physics 51...............................................................Incomplete

Shop 6.....................................................................88

Shop 13...................................................................88

Attached to the record was a note which said that Charles was "immature", and that on February 2 the Sophomore Adviser Commitee decided to dismiss him from the University. This letter arrived a couple days after Charles's twentieth birthday. Being considered "immatured" made Charles very down, since he was six when he had a gun and was only thirteen when he had already driving car.

After that he decided to enter a flying university in Lincoln, Nebraska. At first, when he told this to his parents who were devorced by this time, did not like it because he was their only son, but they couldn't have Charles to change his mind. Once he was attending that university, since he liked what he was studying and feared that he would be dropped out from here too, he started to study. He studied day and night and was so studious that at the end of the university he had the highest grades.

Then he joined the US Air Mail. During that period of his time nothing special happened to him, except that the World War II came.

Charles Augustus Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic Ocean in 331/2,from New York to Le Bourget which was a corn field just outside of Paris in a plane called the Spirit of St. Louis on May 20, 1927. It was a Ryan type plane which was powered by a 200horsepowered Wright Whirlwind engine. He accomplished the 6000-km trip with an avarage speed of 179-km/hour, and arrived to Paris at 21. For flying through the ocean without any stop Lindbergh recieved the Ortieg Prize which was $25.000. There were several succesful flight following him (Chamberlin, Byrd, Brooth). Before him there were several unsuccesful flights in which the pilots (the french Coli and Nungesser) died and lost in the ocean.


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