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Cheating In College: Scandal From Different University

Updated on February 7, 2012

Cheating in college is nothing new. Almost every single student does but it is a taboo when it becomes public. Here are several top scandal that involves cheating:

Cheating Scandals

  • University of Central Florida: 200 senior students caught cheating when the professor notices an abnormal amount of correct answers. Given a choice, either makes a confession or face the consequences, 200 students confess. Actually this case is very controversial since the professor took the questions from a test bank but claim that he would make the questions for the midterm.

  • Indiana University School of Dentistry: In 2007, several second year students figure out a way to hack into the school’s computer system and found information on their exam. When the professor was notify by one of the student, it prompted the school to investigate and nearly half of the second year students were charge with cheating. It ended with 9 students getting expel, 6 suspended 21 getting letters of reprimand.

  • University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey: In 2006, 18 graduating senior got caught in a cheat scandal involving the trading of credits. Every students in the program were requires to do a certain numbers of root canals, filling, cleaning…etc. Instead of doing the actual works, student trade the credits to each other.

  • Duke University: At Duke’s Fuqa School of Business, 34 MBA students were caught collaborating in a take-home exam. Obviously, when you have that many students collaborating, the answers become very similar. Those 34 students were either expelled, suspended, or failed the course.

  • University of Maryland’s Business School: In 2004, several professor heard students had cheated on their midterms. Without any proof, they decided to laid a trap. Right before the final exam, the professor posted the answer keys to exam fill with nothing but the wrong answer. Their plan work and 12 students flunk the class as a result of cheating.

  • Naval Academy: In the spring of 1944, 134 seniors were caught in a cheating scandal that became national news. One student obtained a copy of an electrical engineering exam and started selling in for 50 dollars a copy. 24 people were expels and 62 were disciplines as a results of an investigation.

  • University of Virginia: In 2001, Professor Louis A. Bloomfield notices that several identical 1500 words paper were being turn in for the past 5 semester. The professor never notices due to sizes of the class, 300-500 students. After running every single paper he received through a computer, he found that 158 students had cheated. 45 students were expel and 3 other student had their degree revoked (they had already graduated).

  • University of Virginia: A second scandal involving this school where a student discover an answer key for assignment from a textbook. This student shared it to 30 of his classmates. Luckily, this was a summer class because the committee that deals with student dishonesty was not in session. They managed to get away without any repercussion.

  • University of Minnesota: The basketball coach admits to having paid the office manager 3000 dollars for her to write 300 essays for 20 basketball players. As a consequence, 4 players were suspended, the team lost the NCAA tournament, the academic councilor for men’s basketball team was fire, and the coach resigns.

  • Florida State University: Several football players were caught in a scandal in 2006-2007, where they received answer for exam and essay from tutors. It was later determined that 61 players from the athletic department were involved in this scandal. As a results, their win could be strip form them.

  • Diablo Valley College: Over 70 students were found to have paid employees to have their grade change. Some paid 1000 dollar while other offer sex. The student employees were jailed and had to pay a fine.

  • Southern University: In 2003, it was discover that a assistance registrar had been changing grade from 1995-2003. The assistance registrar had charged over 500 students hundred of dollars to change their grade. An investigation also found out that several students had earned fake bachelor, master and even teaching certificates. The scandal was found out when a young woman made claim that she graduated from this University but no record could be found.

  • West Virginia University: Heather Bresch was the COO of Mylan Inc. and the daughter of West Virginia’s governor who claimed she earn a MBA from WVU. In 2008, it was found out that she was 22 credits short of graduation and had been falsely claiming her degree. Ignoring the record, University’s Official attempted several explanations. It eventually ended with the resignation of the Provost and the dean of the business school.

  • Los Angeles Trade Technical College: About 30 college students from three community colleges were under investigation when officials notice their poor performances in class (most of their grade were Ds and Fs) when their transcript from Los Angeles Trade Technical College had mostly As and Bs. It was later discover that the students had faked their transcripts.

21st Century Cheating


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