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The Worst Way to Judge Others

Updated on October 31, 2016

Chester High Is In the Spotlight For Winning Eight State Championships

Where you reside, should never have an impact on your accomplishments. Sure, it helps when we reside in the lap of luxury within a secured location, where our desires beyond the necessities such as food, clothing and shelter are fulfilled. Our private and #public schools are ranked among the highest in the nation. We lack for nothing. The world can be ours if we decide that is our desire. But what about our neighbor, only a few minutes away?

The city of Chester, is located in Pennsylvania and is preeminently known for its violence, often leaving the shed blood of its young people in the streets. The educational structure of the school district is in "complete disarray," although it struggles to survive battles of drugs and crime that the city is constantly confronted with. An article within The Republic expressed concern about the possible closing of Chester's school system earlier this year by stating, "Chester Upland is among the poorest school districts in Pennsylvania and get about 70 percent of its budget from the state. It threatened to shut down in January because it had run out of funds, and district officials filed a federal lawsuit to force the state to send more money." With these sources of low self-esteemed news related articles along with #educational deprivation, Chester Upland's students, found the incentive, within themselves to rise and be acknowledged as successful people who can win.

Chester High's Clippers, continued its victorious pattern as winner of the #PIAA, Quad A, State Championship. This team resonated with excitement, as it accomplished for the first time in the Pennsylvania's state's history, eight championships. The Clippers were impelled with a determination to work diligently to obtain this goal. Chester cleary exhibited this stamina against Lower Merion, where they ran their opponents up and down the floor, until they prevailed. What a magnificent group effort, by the team, coaching staff, vibrant cheerleaders, parents and the Chester community.

The Halftime Statistics Gave Chester's Fans Hope

The game was intense from the beginning as Chester High initiated its run, against Lower Merion, right up to halftime. Their score of 22 to their opponent's 16, gave Chester a lead of 6 points. Number 23, Rondae Jefferson, led his team by scoring 5 points at this time in the game. Would Lower Merion's D.J. Johnson, number 35 and his team members be able to redeem themselves in the third quarter?

Third Quarter Anticipation Was Rampant Throughout the Stadium

The unease of fans existed on both ends of Penn State University's stadium. Would the Clippers, suddenly become fatigued and stop their running game, giving Lower Merion the opportunity to revitalize themselves? With 3:42 seconds remaining in the third quarter, Chester Clippers were still in the lead with more than 9 points. There was a glimpse of hope for Lower Merion, when there was 2:17 seconds remaning, and the score was 25, Lower Merion and 32 for Chester, with only a seven point lead. At this point Rondae Jefferson had a total of seven points. It was obvious, the Clippers came to win.

Developments of the Fourth Quarter as Chester High Wins

With less than six minutes in the fourth quarter, Richard Granberry, number 32, missed a foul shot. Chester's fans were still inundated with the hope of a victory. Lower Merion, had the reputation and history to capture the support of the media. After all, this was the high school that Colby Bryant, of the Los Angeles Lakers attended years ago. Lower Merion, is still recognized for their famous alumni. Yet, they were on the ropes. In the fourth quarter with 3 minutes remaining, the score was 45 to 33, with Chester winning. A fan within the audience gladly held a sign up that said, "All we do is win championships." It was a defensive struggle all the way because Lower Merion played well defensively. Suddenly, Chester Clippers were 26 seconds away from making history, by becoming the first team to win eight championships within their division. The final score was 51 points by Chester and 33 points for Lower Merion. The crowd was completely in an uproar as Chester High School Clippers became the winningest program in the history of Pennsylvania. They had once again beat all odds against them and descended for the ashes of environmental failure. Never allowing the city they came from to hinder their success. Congratulations to Chester High School's, PIAA, Quad A, State Champions.

Within the Same Week Chester Upland's School District Had Another Victory

It was a little discouraging to hear First Lady, Michelle Obama, admit that the City of Chester did not have a grocery market within its city limits. During a recent television interview, she expressed concern about how parents from Chester would have to catch various forms of public transportation just to purchase fresh vegetable for their families. The daunting thought of that sad predicament could appear hopeless. However, hope resonated in Chester again, when students from the school district were invited to the White House. Stacy A. Anderson, of theAssociated Press wrote in an article entitled, Chester Students Join First Lady Michelle Obama to Plant White House Garden. Within this article she mentioned how, "the first lady was helped by schools from New York, Pennsylvania and North Carolina in planting potatoes, spinach, broccoli, carrots, radishes and onions at her fourth annual spring planting." Mrs. Obama continued to express how, "the kitchengarden is part of her Let's Move! Initiative to spark discussion about healthy eating habits for children." The voices of Chester's youth echoed with sounds of joy and pure elation because they were invited to be a part of this historical event where it was acknowledged that, Mrs. Obama's, "vegetable garden is the first at the executive mansion since Eleanor Roosevelt's Victory Garden." The fact that students were invited to be a part of this event, once again proves that your location or city you reside in, should never have a negative effect on the success you can obtain. We can evolve from the worst locations and aspire to greatness. Never would we want to just give ourselves the credit for these achievements. We should try to think about the one who gave us breath of life to accomplish these things. The scripture at 1 Corinthians 1:27-30, beautifully summarizes how we should feel when we are successful beyond our expectations, "but God chose the foolish things of the world, that he might put the wise men to shame; and God chose the weak things of the world, that he might put the strong things to shame; and God chose the ignoble things of the world and the things looked down upon, the things that are not, that he might bring to nothing the things that are, in order that no flesh might boast in the sight of God. But it is due to him that you are in union with Christ Jesus, who has become to us wisdom from God, also righteousness and sanctification and release by ransom;" The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures What encouraging thoughts each of us can meditate on daily.

Lower Merion's team gather with their coach for instructions.
Lower Merion's team gather with their coach for instructions. | Source
Pennsylvania Cable Network aired Chester High's Championship Game
Pennsylvania Cable Network aired Chester High's Championship Game
Rondae Jefferson is interviewed after winning championship.
Rondae Jefferson is interviewed after winning championship. | Source
The Clipper's determination to get their rebounds, was helpful in their win over Lower Merion.
The Clipper's determination to get their rebounds, was helpful in their win over Lower Merion. | Source
Larry Yarbray, Coach of the Chester High Clippers Basketball Team.
Larry Yarbray, Coach of the Chester High Clippers Basketball Team.


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