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Children Suffering from Dah Mode?

Updated on August 21, 2011

Maybe it’s my age, or maybe I’m just having a generation gap, but are the kids today on Dah mode? It seems those youngsters between 10 and 25 are in another space and time. Whenever you ask them a question, they look at you with an expression of “Dah…”

They always look so puzzled when you require them to think, but they seem surprised when you tell them they need to find a job. If you request them to take the initiative, or to do a task by themselves, you have to spell it out to them like a five year old. But put a video game in front of them and watch them go.

They are a whiz at electronics, and I mean most of them at this age. Their brain certainly doesn’t work like ours and in some ways that’s a good thing. These kids are more technologically advanced than any other human beings since time, yet they lack a certain quality. Common sense.

Now at first, I thought it was just my children, who are pretty cool and gives us no problems, but…I found out by observing their friends and other peoples children, discovered they are all the same, on Dah mode. But what is Dah mode?

It is that unmasked expression, the element of surprise look. It happens over and over again daily as if you just landed on this planet. The look you get from them as though you speak a foreign language and they can’t understand you. Dah mode always shines its ugly head when you really expect your kid is going to just use his brain and work it out for himself, but don’t.

But how we do we know if our child has other issues or just in Dah mode. I have to say there are a few symptoms they all suffer from. The most prominent and recognized symptom they have is what I call “Selective hearing.” They hear what they want to hear and nothing more. I guess when they process the information; it is quick like a video game. So maybe in their minds they think they have answered you

You can be in a room adjacent to where they are sitting, (Because they are always sitting) and call them several times before they will respond. Selective hearing.

We parents get totally frustrated by the notion that we are being ignored, a quality that would not have been tolerated in our parents home when we were coming up. I know this really pisses me off, when I call and they don’t come or answer. This makes not only me question our parenting skills but corporal punishment laws. Most of us who have turned out okay try to emulate our own parents parenting style. We just don’t understand why these kids today, just don’t get it.

The second recognizable symptom they all suffer from is, “Sheer laziness.” These kids find it hard to lift a broom, do the dishes, and even more simple things like taking out the garbage. You can get them to do any thing if the reward involves some gadget, a CD/DVD or some video crap. Anything else they deem cool for the moment. But this is the only area in their lives they are not lazy, or exhibit any qualities of laziness when they are involved in any of these activities or interests.

Their only focus and concern is for themselves and no one else. This is the third most deadly symptom they suffer from. They could care less about what you think and will disobey your every rule. They think they know it all, and know nothing. At times they seem as though they have no compassion and no heart. They are a bunch of takers, and resent having to give back anything of themselves fairly in return. They have no sense of charity or duty. Not to their families or to their siblings or their society and this is not our fault.

We all wonder where did we lose them, and what the heck is going to happen to us when we really need these suckers? Will the Dah mode last forever? The idea and thoughts of being at the mercy of these brats makes me wonder what plan of action will they take when the time comes when we need them the most? Will they dispose of us or will they take care of us? Will we suffer and be distinguished like the villains in the final level of those video games? This causes us parents’ great anxiety to think these kids who are in Dah mode now are going to be running things, and making decisions for all of us.

God only knows, but it is a scary thought knowing my child will live in a home complete with disposable dishes and everything plastic up to their eyeballs. But will have a library of plastic discs that he or she will be very proud of because this will be the only representation of their personality. No artwork, no trophies, nothing that will be a reflection of their true identity talents and worth. Their individuality will be loss amongst the video games and programs.

I know I am not the only parent concerned about the future of our average kids. Will they become so insensitive that the qualities of family life go out the window? Will they possess any other skills besides pressing buttons? Will they be able to cook a meal and raise a family with any kind of morals or decency? This I wonder.

I think what scares us the most is, we feel powerless and helpless. We don’t know how to make them snap out of it. I thought I partied too much, when I was younger and it was my entire fault. I no longer harbor that guilt. I know it can’t be just me. I think the problem we parents have is when we don’t understand how this simple yet complicated mindset they have, will be enough for them to be responsible in the future.

Maybe it’s only osmosis and it is in the air, because they all seem to be plagued with this illness. Dah mode has a lot of us parents worried and we think our children may be suffering from something mental. But that’s not it at all, they are in Dah mode and hopefully in time it will pass like gas.

But how do we fix this problem? Pray. That is all we can do is pray that our children will learn to sew a button on their shirts, and learn to make their own Meatloaf and have the ability to recollect some of those values we taught them and become viable individuals in our society. If not, people we have Mad Max’s in the making. I am not quite sure they are only acting stupid, but I know this Dah mode syndrome seems to plagues itself in homes everywhere.

(This is satire, just in case you didn’t get it…)


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