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Chivs86 Poetry – The Legend of Paul

Updated on November 26, 2016

Chivs86 Poetry –
The Legend of Paul

I heard a guy say
that John Lennon weren’t the first to die.
Poor Paul. What happened was awful.

When one day at the lab –
things got a bit too mad.
He drove off,
and ended up in a car crash.

Drove too fast on the road, and lost control,
because he had a big argument at the studio.
He tried to split up with the Beatles,
but when they found out that he was deceased-
convinced by there management team
they thought up this theme, as an elaborate scheme.

Instead of telling their fans of their grief
they took this opportunity to sneak
behind peoples backs
and behind closed doors they brought in a new man.
I bet you never knew that
that rather than lose out on the millions of pounds...

George, Ringo, and John
They paid off the police
to keep the peeping toms from -

Finding out what was wrong.
He had his head cut off,
and now Paul was gone.

With God but well
this it must of been
if not one of their biggest shocks.
They paid off the cops
and found there self caught up in this cover up.

To bring in their new Paul.
like no one would notice he was missing at all.

Or so in how the story goes
they took a lookalike named – William Campbell,
or was it this man they called Bill Shepherd.
that was to be the replacement on records.

The man that you hear at the start -
of the 1st song -
on Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts.

That man who wears the black rose,
and the baggy clothes.
Apparently a massive clue!

About the real Paul!
Killed in the year
that we won the football!

The man with the different shaped nose,
and with the bare feet walking across Abbey Road.

The same man with the different ears too.
They even made a song as a tribute to,

This man who wanted out of the band,
and in a cruel 'sick' twist of fate his car crashed.

Well how about that
what if the same Paul we have today is in fact
nothing more than a fake,
then make no mistake
if this is the case
that the real Paul died,
then what does this say
that the Beatles were saved?

As a brand name,
with one band member that they had replaced.


From earth to heaven if any this was true. I just want to write - to the original Paul McCartney - you did not die in vain. You were involved in some of Beatles best songs:

- Love me do
- All My Loving
- She loves You
- A Hard Days Night.
- Help!
- Yesterday
- Eleanor Rigby.

Heck if any of this is true. It might be, or might not, but if it is R.I.P -

Paul McCartney
18/06/1942 to 7/11/1966?

Idea & Inspiration.

I've been a little interested in a few conspiracy theories lately. Pretty much after hearing about the moon landing being faked. Anyway. Along these line is the 'urban' legend about Paul McCartney.

How after such a rather stressful, and frustrating time recording - he lost his temper, and who knows what was said, but apparently he drove off mad - possibly because he wanted to leave the group, and as a result in a cruel sick twist of fate he was killed. Or so the story goes; it was a rainy day. He sped through a red light, and his Aston marten lost control leaving him apparently completely decapitated. But what happened afterwards is assumed to be - the police arrived almost immediately, and to save themselves the hassle of the media getting involved - before they told anyone else - they contacted George Martin, and the Beatles. Who as in the story goes were so worried about the impending effect of public reaction chose to pay the police to keep this a secret.

Apparently John Lennon's idea, and this was to cover it up. Allegedly why the group stopped touring after 1966 - to buy their selves enough time to find a replacement. A replacement so good, that people would think - it sounded like Paul, it looked like Paul, and was Paul. A man they found in a competition - to find a Paul McCartney lookalike - a year prior. & this man was so it is said - Scottish born William Campbell.

Or so the myth says... Anyway it is said that the Beatles secretly did actually set out to reveal this shocking truth - in some of their songs played backwards, plus videos, and imagery. And this why basically I'd go as far as saying - I think this really happened.
I shall leave some links below.


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