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Choosing a profession using personality test

Updated on November 15, 2012

You Can Use Personality to select your profession

Not choosing the right profession have lead many individuals to be depressed and unhappy. Did you know that using a personality test could reduce the poor choices so many individuals make. In various industries and organizations you find individuals working with long unhappy faces and with low energy drive and low self esteem. If you ask them they will tell you they are tired of their jobs and they are doing it just for the money. Organizations that have workers like these are likely to be stifled in growth .

Directing and helping your child to choose the right jobs is critical to a fourteen and fifteen year old. Take into consideration joy who always like to care for animals, taught she would like to be a nurse. She and her friend Jenifer decide they would become either a dental nurse or a registered general nurses. They set out together to do the subjects necessary for entering training school for either of the professions.

However Joy got five subjects and applied but was turned down because she did not get one of the subjects required ,in the meanwhile Jennifer did not pass any of the subjects. Joy spent another year got the required subject , but decided she would wait on Jennifer who only got one of the required subjects. While waiting Joy was offered a job in teaching which paid three times more that the photography job she was doing. Only nineteen years old and without the help of a mother and father who were not around Joy took the job of teaching.

In teaching she was directed by administration that free training was available to make he do the job of teaching better. Being the person Joy was ,she liked doing things well she accepted. By the next year Jennifer got one more subject. It took her five years to pass five subjects. When she finally did she contacted Joy about their plans of becoming nurses. Joy told her she was too long in teaching and decided to stay. Jennifer went on to become a practical nursing and stayed there she did not advanced to general nursing.

Here we have two sixty years old individuals who have not really met their goals in life. The reasons could be Joy who had the ability had no parental guidance and help so money became a factor and lack of self confidence. On the other hand Jennifer who seemed have less academic abilities was aiming for the wrong job because she was a practical individual and so remained in a practical position instead of advancing to a more academic position.

How parent’s can help children chose the right profession

1. Know your child’s personality

2. Become your child’s friend.

3. Guide him/her in choosing the right subject for his/her career path.


So many individuals go through life without truly knowing who they really are. No two personality are alike there may be similarities but definitely not alike. Personality type has something to do with each of us. Environment will have some effect too but personality will dictate how one reacts to the environment. Peter will be happy to have the sun shining enjoys playing in the sunshine while Mary complains that the sun is damaging her skin. Same environment different personalities .There are many different ways of identifying personalities but I came across two excellent personality identification test that tell you the best career path suitable for your personality.One I came up on it when visiting my granddaughter careers day, and do not know to whom to give credit but it was produced by PROGIS department, 2000. The other I was introduced to can Get your test done for half price by entering a free code from someone who has already paid and done the test

Basically the previous personality interest test, a child could fall under six categories in this test. Realistic., investigative artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional . Some may find that they have the same scores for one or two sections say realistic and conventional. The part where the score are highest the child will do better in choosing a career path along that line

The realistic personality

Such a person may like to work out doors, repair small appliances, repair computers ,operate heavy vehicles, prepare food, repair a car, show people how to build houses, tend animals and plants, use hands and tools to make things operate a fish farm ,test pilot an air craft, operate a clothes and dryer laundry, drive a fork lift to move things, and train race horses, If your child shows great interest in this category then he would do well if you help your child choose the right profession in one of these field or something similar chef, farmer, police, mechanic, engineer, flight attendant ,pilot, electrician ,plumbing, desk and top publishing just to mention a few.

The Investigative personality

Such individuals may show interest in solving mathematical problems, work in a science lab, study how plants grow, play chess, work as a lawyer, read science book, use medical equipment, identify stars constellation, predict weather, interview people for a school and news paper article, learn first aid, use microscope to study cells, develop methods to grow better crops, and collect rocks and minerals. If you child leans heavily to this category he may choose to follow the following career path, Laboratory work , lab technician, investigators, detective, biologist, scientist,, architecture, mathematicians, physicist, physical therapy, surgeons, meteorologist

The Artistic Personality

These individual find interest in drafting patterns, play musical instrument, design clothes, do artistic designs, participate in fashion shows, do decorations at functions, act in plays, do craft work, teach people to dance, announce on TV, do crossword puzzle, take photograph, write stories and comedy ,print design and letters on posters, work on year book or magazines. If your child score high in this category here are some professions you may want him to consider, creative works, theater, drama , dance, music, fashion design, radio announcer, dis jockey, painters, food and nutrition home management, landscaping , graph designers, environmentalist.

The Social Personality

These individuals may show interest in these activities. Study how people, make people happy, style hair, work in a day care center, entertain at a party, serve foods and drinks, show concern for people, help plan holidays, teach exercise classes, help bathe ,feed, and dress the elderly. be a summer camp counselor, shape and polish finger nails, drive taxi or bus, answer questions at an information desk.

If you child fall in this category help your child choose the right profession by leading him to identify with one of these professions. Teachers, counselors, history, foreign language, study of the social environment. Archaeology, social anthropology, dental hygiene, occupation therapist, social worker, tour guides, fitness instructors. Cosmetology,

The Enterprising Personality

You will find people who possess this personality will have an inclination to do this in this category such as, promote new products, buy good for a store, do sales work, lead a team, convince others to buy, works a insurance agents, be part of a debate team, start a business, meet new people, plan an advertising campaign, for a business, help make decisions, join a debate team, produce radio or TV show, work as a business executive. If you find that this is the interest of your child help your child choose the right profession in the following fields, politic, sales, chef, physical education, business management, entrepreneurship, hotel managers, bank managers, judges, lawyers, real estate, administration, principal, CEO, just to mentioned a few.

The Conventional Personality

People who fall in this category will show interest in writing reports, do graph and charts, work in an office, operate computers, keep accurate records, do budget for a company, maintain a filling system, sort and deliver mails, operate cash register in a grocery store, register hotel guest and assign room, replace library books on shelves, collect and arrange stamps, work as a secretary, like routine. If your child is a conventional personality he is usually orderly and is good at getting things done, he is good a following a schedule and always remembers thing to be done and bill to be paid. He is well organize and loves taking care of the environment, a perfectionist, make good clerk of courts, bank teller, secretary, building inspectors, pharmacist, time keepers, home and family managers, accountants, recorders of information.

The latter personality test may be a little different but it eventually takes you to the same place. They basically use the following for quick evaluation introvert/ extrovert. Sensing/ intuiting, thinking / feeling/. Perceiving / judging. You may get your child full personalitytest done . You have to pay $29. For an evaluation,. I have used them and I can tell you the evaluation is worth the money .If you are thinking of changing your career or helping you child to choose the right career you need to do one of these personality evaluation.


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    • profile image

      zainab shaheen 

      7 years ago

      its great to knw the exact subjects to find the greatest profession and to live a luxurious life! well done!!!

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Hazelton 

      8 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I love the matching of the personalities and jobs. Good job. It is so important to find the right profession.

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 

      8 years ago from East Coast, United States

      I love how you have broken down the personality types and jobs suitable for them. Wonderful hub!

    • katiem2 profile image


      8 years ago from I'm outta here

      I enjoyed reading your very interesting hub, great topic. Bravo, Thanks and Peace :)


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