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Clairvoyant Leonora

Updated on May 20, 2016

What She Does

1) Psychic Reading;

It takes years to train your senses to heighten your perceptive abilities. The idea of paranormal-based consultation, is the fact that all of us were born with a heightened perceptive abilities when we were born, but after much criticism from our parents and others most of us lost our abilities.

You've lost your mind, body and soul unity as a child, and now you're looking for help. You need genuine psychic reading. Where do you go? To someone with experience in the field:


Her gig description: 'Hi, my name is Leonora I am an established Clairvoyant and you may have seen me on some of the online sites. I sometimes work on television, I have been featured in magazines and have published articles. I am also a paranormal investigator. If you are seeking a genuine psychic reading with someone who has credentials and a proven successful track record then look no further.

Please ask one brief question if you have one. You will receive a detailed reading in approximately 500 words which is approximately one page of A4 and you will be emailed your reading within 24 hours.'

FEEDBACK she got: 'I just want to say WOW!!!! I have just met someone who completely fits your description, so so accurate :)

Brilliant - second reading I have had and I am amazed at the accuracy once again. Thank you so much! Would highly recommend.'

These are some of the gigs she offers, and more! Also she's got five stars on fiverr, I would definitely recommend her for anyone who's seeking psychic advice, and it's cheaper than most psychics out there. So hurry up and order a gig today for your paranormal help!

Rated 5 stars on fiverr. Click here to check out her amazing gigs and order one today:


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