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Clepping College Spanish

Updated on May 26, 2012

Practical Solutions

In the video above you were provide with very practical and innovative ways to complete college level courses for a fraction of the price, in a short amount of time and successfully. Why wouldn't you follow this path?

Now what I am offering you is the ability to take one CLEP test and if you pass, you will have completed a tenth of your undergraduate degree. If you completely pass you will have almost completed a entire semester of college with one test. Now wouldn't you prefer to pass one test to taking an entire semester of courses?

A CLEP exam usually takes about 90 minutes and has 60 questions. For the Spanish CLEP it is a bit different as there is a writing section. This is true as well for the English CLEPS as well. You do not need to pre-register but just to show up to a testing facility with your money in hand and take the test. This is the fastest way to obtain college credit at a low cost fee. It is also a wonderful way to spend your Summer.

Alternatively I reccommend you attempt CLEPS oin both subjects you are not strong like perhaps Math as your CLEP score is not calculated into your GPA and then in subjects in which you are strong as you will need minimum prep for the exam. You can also take course directed Independent study or simply ask to take the final exam for a nominal fee and receive credit for the course. The professor will try to pursuade you from doing this but you only have to convince your professor it is the only way you will be able to attend college. Academia is suppose to be for the brightest candidates and not for the socio-ecoconomically advantaged. And in all honesty how could it hurt to ask?

Spanish Clep


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