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Climate Change: Is it the End of the World?

Updated on January 25, 2020
Claudine Fleury profile image

Reader beware. The upcoming segment of articles I produce will examine and reveal disturbing and enlightening issues.


"Climate Change will not be the end of the world. It will be a new reality, for most of the world will experience extreme environmental challenges including civil collapse in many nations."

"Like the Dinosaurs, and like the Bees, who did not adapt, there will be those who are capable of adaptation and those who are not. Those who learn, cooperate and adapt will be the survivalists."

— Claudine Chaboyer on Survival of the Fittest

"Adaptation is a form of behavioral evolution where by change or process, an organism or species becomes better adjusted to it's environment."

The Case for Adaptation and Evolution...

The diverse inorganic elements and from them evolved the expression and explosion of biological creatures who have lived and continue to live on our planet through time is staggering.

It is believed scientifically that the inorganic elements of the planet and universe existed long before organic life, as it does in the observable universe we know through the study of Astronomy.

Microorganisms, the early beginnings of organic life, which may logically have sprung from inorganic elements; hibernated near the super heated submarine volcanoes of hot magma (underwater vents) deep within the dark depths of our oceans, like a womb. Many such ocean volcanoes located along tectonic plates at mid ocean ridges account for approximately 75% of magma output on earth.


Life Evolved from the Inorganic to the Organic...

Since organic and inorganic elements in the periodic table, also exist within organisms and their food chains, it is evident, the inorganic is genetically connected to the organic and one evolved from one and into the other. It makes logical sense, of course.

The first single celled microorganisms or microbes were primordial Prokaryotes, which seem to have appeared on Earth almost four billion years ago, just a few hundred million years after the formation of the Earth itself. If there is any common cellular ancestor in our genetic lines, it would be this one.

Scientists may admit that organic life came from the inorganic but cannot yet confirm whether they believe the origins of life developed from other influences besides chemical and/or physical forces. Creationists argue life developed from intelligent design (God) whatever that may mean to different cultures. I venture to hypothesize, 'Intelligent Evolution', and a connection between the quantum (energy), chemical and biological sciences. For quantum energy and particles are the root of existence and permeate through all life in nature.

Two Types of Cell Division in Biology...

Meiosis: in sexual reproduction produces cells such as sperm and eggs. Paternal AND Maternal donations of each chromosome, one male, one female creates 'combinations' of code on new chromosomes. (It takes two.)

Mitosis: a single cell divides into two cells creating 'clones' or duplicates where each have the same number and copy type of chromosomes.

Genesis: The Origins

ABIOGENESIS is considered a process by which life has arisen from non-living matter, such as simple organic compounds (or inorganic such as water). They have no idea of the process but popular science 'suggests' it was a transition, not a single event, and may have been an evolutionary process. They do not know who, what, where, when, why or how. Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Chemistry does not offer any hypothesizes on 'how the origins of life transitioned from the inorganic to the organic reality.' Not just transitioned, but 'evolved.'

BIOGENESIS a concept which complex living things come only from other living things, by means of reproduction. Cells have two copies of each chromosome, and thus of each gene: In sexually reproducing species, one copy comes from mom, and the other from dad. Genetics and Biogenesis prove there is no such thing as genetic Patrilinear or Matrilinear inheritance. Sexual reproduction requires BOTH donation of an allele from the mother AND the father to the new chromosome. Offspring of unrelated couplings inherit from both parents, therefore, the genetic position is diverse and Egalitarian. No male nor no female dominance.

The "End Result" of Inbreeding in a Race or Group:

OBLIGATE PARTHENOGENESIS is the process, as a result of inbreeding in a population or group, in which organisms exclusively reproduce through 'asexual' or non- sexual means otherwise known as cloning, creating similar duplicates (clones) of the parent through cell splitting of a mother's cell material. Full clones have all of the mother's material, half clones only part.

An example would be identical twins (clones), or fraternal twins (half clones). DNA can turn on or off in response to environmental surroundings—therefore, over time, DNA becomes more different albeit as fetuses they were clones or half clones.

Inbreeding must therefore be the 'degeneration' of a species into clones, the opposite of diverse genes and the final result is only Matrilinear as only females possess the organs for egg production and for birth (males become the smaller population and eventually extinct).

Alternatively, in a similar scenario, it could very well be the conclusion of mass infertility/sterility in an "isolated group" (parthenogenesis) may be nature's last mechanism against ultimate extinction of the group. For example: One motivation of invasive colonization was to take second or third wives to forcefully interbreed into a more diverse group or nation to avoid original colony collapse from inbreeding.

(Note: The inbreeding scenario is more than likely as mentioned, in (isolated groups or races) who may demonstrate inbreeding by racial choice or by forced isolation. Either way, parthenogenesis is the end result.)

Case Examples:

  1. An example is the past Gendercide of female babies, including abortions, in an attempt, albeit unethical ways, to preserve male lineages and equalize the female-male ratio in Asia. Asian governments, like China, had a two child only law, and the males were the preferred Patrilinear gender, where females were often aborted.
  2. Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Estonia are among the countries with the largest female populations.
  3. Conversely, there are more men than women now in Asia, Arab countries and Northern Africa (likely due to extreme male dominant religions condemning females via infanticide, abortion and/or Gendercide.).


Inbreeding results in Cloning in Species and Diverse Sexual Reproduction in Genetic Resilience...


The Secrets of Genetic Science...

Many species have been shown to transition (degenerate) to obligate parthenogenesis over time. Parthenogenesis is a result of inbreeding within a population resulting in infertility and sterility in the inbred population.

Called the 'Virgin Births', the mother's genetic material is cloned into an offspring cell- a copy.The offspring has all of the mother's genetic material are called full clones and those having only half are called half clones.

This is why many within a species resemble each other, like clones, where diverse genes, or hybrid races, with unique chromosomes, create differences.

Mixed breeding of races or animal types within a species, through sexual reproduction, creates hybrid mixed races that are genetically diverse with unique and variety of alleles and supports the continuance of a sexual species.

Whereas, cloning or parthenogenesis due to inbreeding results in asexuality, infertility and sterility, a monosexual species (clones).

The lizard is a female-only species that reproduces by producing an egg through parthenogenesis. Despite reproducing asexually, and being an all-female species, the whiptail still engages in mating behavior with other females of its own species, giving rise to the common nickname "lesbian lizards".

Periodic Elements within the Human Body...


Scientific Vitalism?

The idea of Vitalism is the idea that life may be dependent on a force or forces other than chemical or physical forces. It is very possible, the first origins of life sprung from 'energy' or quantum particles even 'before' inorganic or organic elements or cells, as we of course, are all essentially comprised of quantum particles as well in all forms of nature and existence. Scientists think not to pursue this line of thinking as it is to contemplate or debate that which cannot be proven. Yet, it is perfectly logical.

The Greeks and Roman Philosophers, for which western society is so biased toward, including Charles Darwin and his Origin of Species, DID NOT contemplate or have awareness of the world of the first microbes, the quantum, nor how the quantum and the Periodic Table of all present elements exist in relation to each other. They only contemplated bits and bytes of imagination.

Charles Darwin stated, organisms arise through small inherited variations which allow a species to produce, compete and survive. Genetic science did not exist in Darwin's time, Darwin observed it in the study of breeding, species and nature, 'not' genetics.

In genetics, variable or unique alleles donated by males and females through sexual reproduction create diverse chromosomes and each generation becomes more diverse than the previous (Unrelated Couplings). Natural selection favors diverse sexual reproduction not inbreeding nor cloning.

Whereas we also now know "common" alleles, otherwise known as duplicates or clone alleles, create weaker vulnerable chromosomes and this is the result of inbreeding (relations breeding with relations) which degenerates DNA/RNA with each generation.

Sea Water and Blood Share Similar pH Levels

Since the first microbes arose from the heated vents in the ocean, it makes sense that sea water and blood share a very close PH Level. Some things have remained constant in evolution.
Since the first microbes arose from the heated vents in the ocean, it makes sense that sea water and blood share a very close PH Level. Some things have remained constant in evolution. | Source

Elements and the Quantum: The Substances of Life...

In 1869 Russian Chemist Dimitri Mendeleev started the development of the Periodic Table, arranging chemical elements by atomic mass. In 1904, Physicist J. J. Thomson (who also discovered the electron) developed a model of the atom, paying close attention to the periodicity of the elements.

We now know these are the current particles observed in Nature - the three types of electrons and three types of neutrinos, six quarks, gluons, the photon, two W bosons, the Z boson and the Higgs boson. There are anti-particles of many of these. These particles and energy are the essential substances of nature and our reality.


The first three elements of the Human (Mammal) body is: Oxygen, Carbon and Hydrogen.

An inorganic compound is a substance that does not contain both carbon and hydrogen. Water, for first example, is an "inorganic" compound, a solvent and is the solvent of life and is Hydrogen in liquid form. Hydrogen also can exist as a gas and also as a solid. It does not possess any carbon in its molecular structure, hence it is 'not' organic. Let me say this again, water, is not organic.

Hydrogen in different forms is compressed (gas), liquid (water), metallic (solid) or slush (a combination of liquid and solid state Hydrogen).

An organic compound, then, is a substance that contains "both" carbon and hydrogen. These elements, oxygen, carbon, and inorganic hydrogen, combine to form the constituents of some of the most essential processes in the human body, such as cellular respiration. All living organisms contain carbon—even bacteria.

A solution with pH 7 is neutral. Solutions with pH below 7 are acids, and solutions with pH above 7 are bases. All cells of the body depend on a regulation balance at a pH of approximately 7.4. Notice, blood (7.4) and sea water (8) share a very similar pH level where what resides in the body is similar to what resides outside the body in the original environment. It should, therefore, be no surprise to anyone, that we evolved first from where water and our blood is derived, including electrolytes, as ocean based organisms.


The point of this exercise, was to prove the initial first statement about learning, cooperation and adaptation...results in evolution. As beings, as animals, as mammals, as sexuals and as humans we have traversed these paths before and as a species have struggled to overcome circumstances, challenges and environmental hazards and yet some of us modified and survived. Perhaps not all survived, but the species did, and think of humans as birds or fish, as part of a greater collective, organisms in a planetary organization within a living biosphere from where we were birthed, a place we call Earth.

"We can learn to adapt and live in symbiosis with our natural environment and survive it, or not, where Nature will deselect us, just like she did to the Dinosaurs and the Bees and many other species becoming extinct on Earth."


© 2020 Claudine Chaboyer


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