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Clock and Watch Repair School and Training Options

Updated on January 26, 2012

There are thousands of full-time clock and watch repairers and many who perform watch repair as a part-time job or part of a larger repair business. Jewelry shops are also the largest single category of employer for this job. There are a few U.S. schools and training courses for watchmaking and repair.

Horology is the art of making clocks and watchmaking. When attending a horology school, students learn about the mechanics of timepieces, the parts and tools used in the trade, and how to fix watches and clocks.

Horology schools that teach clock and watch repair are a combination of trade schools and community or junior colleges. These schools can last up to two years, and the curriculum is about 3000 hours to get training in this field. For example, North Seattle Community College has a Watch Technology Institute Program that lasts for two years and awards a certificate. Those who pass all tests can also become a certified watchmaker. Even Rolex helped to create this watchmaking and repair school.

The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute provides certification in this industry. It recommends only a few schools for learning watch and clock repair. Below, you will see a list of the schools and a phone number. You can also get the physical address and other contact information by clicking on the school name on the page linked to in the Resources below. Contact schools individually to determine exactly how long the watchmaking course is and how much it costs. Some trade schools tend to be more expensive than community or junior colleges, but you will have to check on an individual basis.

Tip: Ask a school whether it has adopted the Swiss American Watchmakers Training Alliance. This is the newer Rolex program that expands upon the older Watchmakers of Switzerland watchmaking and repair training program. A quality school will use at least one of these training programs.

Bishop State Community College
Mobile, Alabama
(251) 665-4084

Gem City College
Quincy, Illinois

Lititz Watch Technicum
Lititz, Pennsylvania
(717) 625-3787

NAWCC School of Horology
Columbia, Pennsylvania
(717) 684-8261

N.G. Hayek Watchmaking School
Miami, Florida
(305) 264-1406

North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking
Forth Worth, Texas
(817) 785-2420

North Seattle Community College
Seattle, Washington
(206) 526-0169

OSU Institute of Technology
Okmulgee, Oklahoma
(918) 293-5160

Paris Junior College
Paris, Texas
(903) 782-0361

Saint Paul College
St. Paul, Minnesota
(651) 846-1600

Watchmakers of Switzerland
Neuchatel, Switzerland
41 32 729 0030


JCK Online: Rolex-Led Alliance Unveils New Watchmaking Curriculum

American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute: List of Recommended Clock and Watch Repair Schools

North Seattle Community College: Watch Technology Institute Program


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