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CNA Exam to Work In Hospital

Updated on March 13, 2014

CNA Exam to Work In Hospital

In USA, the students must complete nursing programs and pass CNA Exam to treat the patients in various types of hospitals because patients needs expert cares that do not danger their health.

CNA exams are also known by various names as CNA certification exam, competency evaluation tests and are offered by various states to find out about the nursing skills and knowledge of certified nursing aide students.

A student can sit for the nursing test after he completes nursing training program of 75 hours. The program has parts of classroom and clinical training. Through the training program a nursing candidate learns about nursing skills that must be used during treatment of patients in hospitals. For example, if a patient can not bath, CNA must give bath to him, if patient can not walk, CNA must help him to walk.

Once the student learns all types of nursing skills, he can sit for the CNA Exam, which is given by the state. CNA Exam has 2 parts, Written Test and Skill Test.

Written Test gives theoretical questions on nursing subjects, which are learned in the classroom training. 60 questions must be answered in 1.30 hours. If the student gets 70% marks, he is termed as pass candidate and made to sit for the skill test.

Skill test is a test of various nursing skills, such as looking and checking blood pressure, breathing rate etc. It is also most necessary that the student must get the pass mark of 70% for this test. The student has to take another student with him because he must do skills on another person.

Once the student passes the skill test, he is given Certification and also his name is put up with Nurse Aide Registry. Once his name is posted in the registry, he can work in many hospitals and other health clinics.

But, it is also essential that a student must be very good in nursing skills, so that he can give proper treatment to patients. He must also be very polite with patients and make them rest and sleep comfortably.


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