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Coconut Tree, A Great Gift of Nature to Mankind!

Updated on May 21, 2014

Coconut trees, belong to the Arecaceae family, are grown in many parts of the world. These trees are widely cultivated in countries like Philippines, Indonesia, India, Srilanka, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil and Malaysia. They can grow up to 30 m in height and leaves are about 5 to 6 m in length and need abundant sunlight and good rainfall throughout the year for the healthy growth.

Coconut Trees

The Uses of Coconut Tree

We know well that all most all parts of the coconut trees can be used for various purposes in our life and they can be revealed as a great gift by nature to the mankind. The coconuts obtained from these trees are delicious and never missed during food preparations in many parts of the world. The coconuts contain nutrients essential for our good health. They are naturally enriched with vitamins including vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E and minerals like calcium, sodium, phosphorus,magnesium and zinc.

The coconut oil obtained from the dried coconuts is used by the people of many countries to apply on head in order to keep good health and remove heat from the body. Tender coconut water, also called young coconut water, is having great medicinal properties which can cure many health problems like stomach pain, urinary infections, peptic ulcer and body heat.The tender coconut water is a good medicine for the chicken pox. During the summer season the demand for the tender coconuts will be very high in hot countries like India. Coconut leaves are used to make brooms used for cleaning purpose and sheets for the construction of temporary roofs. The trunk of the tree is used as beam while constructing roof of a house. Coconut fibers are largely used in the manufacture of ropes and other furniture. Many handicraft things will be made with the help of coconut shells and fibers. A white colored soft and delicious part of the coconut tree lying at the center of the trunk is popular in various parts of the world.

The Medicinal Uses of Coconut and Coconut Oil

The coconut milk prepared from the crushed coconut pieces and little water can be used as a well known medicine for mouth ulcers and peptic ulcers. The same thing can be added with cow milk, sugar and little bit of cardamom powder to get the most delicious and nutritious health drink.

The coconut oil is used in many parts of the world to take oil bath. About 50 ml of coconut oil is applied on the head before taking bath in order to remove heat from the body. While taking oil bath soap nut powder or besan flour is used instead of soap to get better reaults.

Industrial Uses of Coconut Trees

The important by-product of coconut trees is coconut fiber which is largely used in coir industries in many countries where these trees are widely grown. The other product, coconut husk is used for manufacturing industrial bricks. The coconuts are also processed in many countries to get desiccated coconut powder to make it worth for the long term storage and use.

Three Largest Growers of Coconut Trees in The World

Philiphines, Indonesia and India are the countries where we can find the large scale cultivation of coconut trees. Philiphines is the largest producer of coconuts in the world with the annual production of about 1.95 crore tonnes. Each year Indonesia produces 1.55 crore tonnes of coconuts and stands in the second place and the third largest producer of coconuts in the world is India with the annual production of 1.1 crore tonnes. In India most part of the cultivation of coconuts is done in South India.

September 2nd, The World Coconut Day

On September 2nd of 1996, the Asian Pacific countries joined together to form Asian Pacific Coconut Community. Since then every September 2nd of each year is celebrated as the coconut day. The aim of the formed community is to spread the awareness of coconut and coconut trees among the world people. They also study about the possibilities of the large scale production of desicated coconut and exporting it to the western countries.


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  • idigwebsites profile image


    5 years ago from United States

    From the trees down to the roots, the usefulness of this tree is endless. It gives you food, water, shelter, beauty, livelihood. It really deserves to be called "the tree of life"

  • saideepa profile image


    7 years ago from kerala,India

    great hub on coconuts, u can also make venda velichannai from coconut which can be given to infants and children. sorry, I do not know the English term for venda velichannai.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    I am a massage therapist and unlike soo many others, I give a deep tissue massage with warm coconut oil and I also give a head and scalp massage with it. People just love it and I try and educate them about the benefits of coconut oil.

  • ratnaveera profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear Jain, Thanks a lot for your valuable comments! Yes! These trees can be compared with generous men as their every part is so useful to the people!

  • prasadjain profile image


    8 years ago from Tumkur

    This tree, whose every part is useful, was rightly named 'Kalpavriksham" by ancient Indians.Generous men are compared to coconut trees.Art works are done by using the coconut shells. Really a good hub.

  • ratnaveera profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear Cheeky Girl, Thanks a lot for your nice comments. I like very much Coconut flavored drinks or sweets. Especially the coconut cookies would very tasty!

  • Cheeky Girl profile image

    Cassandra Mantis 

    8 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

    This was a nice surprise to read and I totally enjoyed this! Excellent hub on coconuts. They are so healthy and good for us. I have eaten coconuts cut from the trees on the Philippines island of Boracay, and the milk is beautiful and tasty. To think these trees grow almost like weeds there, they are so common. India being a producer too is great. You could help feed a country on these things!

  • ratnaveera profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear drbj, Thank you very much for your nice comments! I like the taste of coconut very much as well as coconut flavored cookies. The natural taste of coconut can be never compared with the taste of other nuts.

  • drbj profile image

    drbj and sherry 

    8 years ago from south Florida

    Thanks for the information about coconut trees. If it were not for coconut, what would Dunkin Donuts do to make coconut-flavored icing for their donuts! Where would the Mounds bar or Almond Joy be without coconut?


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